Nust takes lecturers to Labour Court

Mr Felix Moyo

Mr Felix Moyo

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THE National University of Science and Technology (Nust) has taken its lecturers to the Labour Court protesting the legality of their industrial action.

Nust lecturers last week on Tuesday went on strike protesting alleged mismanagement of resources at the university.

This is the second time the lecturers have gone on strike during the same academic year.

Last September, the lecturers downed tools, raising the same concerns.

National University of Science and Technology Educators’ Association (Nusteda) secretary general Mr Blessing Jona said the matter was now before the courts.

“The union cannot comment right now because the university have taken the issue to a court of law. And the union cannot comment on legal processes,” said Mr Jona.

Nust’s director for communication and marketing Mr Felix Moyo declined to comment on the matter.

He said the case was now being handled at a different level.

“I cannot give you a comment on that one. The matter is now at another level, I can’t comment,” said Mr Moyo.

When lecturers went on strike last year, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development gave the institution two months to resolve the matter.

Last week, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Professor Amon Murwira said the appointment of a substantive Vice Chancellor at Nust would end problems bedevilling the institution.

Prof Murwira said if lecturers were raising concerns about mismanagement of resources, the issue would be addressed upon the appointment of a substantive Vice Chancellor.

Nust has been operating with an acting Vice Chancellor since the late Professor Lindela Ndlovu’s term ended in 2015. Professor Samson Sibanda is the acting vice chancellor.

Prof Murwira said the appointment of a vice chancellor is imminent and urged university management to have candid discussions with lecturers to avoid disrupting lectures.

However, lecturers have argued that the university’s management has not addressed their concerns hence their latest industrial action.

“The strike has not ended but it seems the management wants to try to use the legal route to take us back to the lecture rooms.

“They want to take the matter to the Labour court contesting the legality of our strike. But it’s strange that the management wants to contest same issues that were raised during the first strike. What has changed now for them to claim that the matters we are raising are invalid,” said a lecturer, speaking on condition of anonymity.


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  • timmie Dance

    Because of its mismanagement,Nust has been surpassed by newly established universities like Great Zimbabwe.Look what MSU is doing.Its establishing itself in all provinces and by that they can actually raised funds that could upkeep the institution running.Confining itself along Gwanda Road while mismanaging resources. Nust used to have a government budget all along but all that was put to waste.It is surprising to note that the crane and scarfolding which was left hanging since the abandonment of the unfinished construction are still hanging.Heads should roll for sure.

    • NUST

      Unfortunately Timmie, you wrote a lot of words in your comment, commenting from a position of ignorance. Yeqwa yizinto nxa ungakwazi ukuthi kwenzakalani

      • Zwide_001

        sitshele phela NUST uma ukwazi, sifuna ukwazi lathi.

      • Dube-Nyathi

        There is a lot of rot at Nust. The management is arrogant and incompetent. Only God knows why they seem to have nine lives of a cat,to survive the chop this far.To the management at Nust a lecturer is a slave who should be commanded to teach three modules with each class totalling 150 students and the lecturer is expected to also publish research and even produce exam results in less than two weeks for 450 students!!!Talk of quality,it is being massacred at Nust.The whole administration is full of concubines of male managers!What Sodom!That university is being run like a tuckshop by the current VC and his deputy!An audit at Nust will leave the whole country stunned for real.Amafake odwa khonapo!

    • mass

      Nust has not confined itself along Gwanda Road it has cohorts in other cities most notably Harare.

      • timmie Dance

        Actually that was a way of trying to find out what has been done since its abandonment of the completion of all those blocks. The borne of contention is that people are striking for a worth cause which the management are aware of but did not address.Going to the labour court on an issue which the management knows having ignored doesnt work.Let management prove to the striking educators that they are not mismanaging the resources.They buy lots and lots of vehicles at the expense of institutional developments.WE always cry for government funding but a lot had been budgeted into the construction of infrustructures at NUST since inception but we squander monies only.WE the people of Matebeleland should wake up from a deep slumber.

  • musa

    so in short samson sibanda is on his last legs as an acting vc judging from the minister’s comments.