Police work to win public trust via anti-corruption stance

Officer Commanding Bulawayo province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube confers the rank of Assistant Inspector to Tendai Mazovere at the promotion parade for non-commissioned officers in Bulawayo yesterday. Looking on is Chief Clerk, Inspector Chamunorwa Machingura.

Officer Commanding Bulawayo province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube confers the rank of Assistant Inspector to Tendai Mazovere at the promotion parade for non-commissioned officers in Bulawayo yesterday. Looking on is Chief Clerk, Inspector Chamunorwa Machingura.

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter
THE police force is working hard to win back public trust through various initiatives including fighting corruption that had become rampant during former President Mr Robert Mugabe’s era.

In a speech read on his behalf by Officer Commanding Bulawayo province Senior Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube at the promotion parade for non-commissioned officers in Bulawayo yesterday, Commissioner General Godwin Matanga said the force was working tirelessly to win back public trust.

Comm General Matanga said the force will not hesitate to discharge police officers that engage in corruption as it strives to improve its image.

“As an organisation, we are working tirelessly to win back the public trust and confidence which is the lifeblood of our existence,” he said.

Comm General Matanga urged the promoted officers to be upright and committed to serving the country.

He said as senior police officers, they were expected to be patriotic, professional, fair, firm, exemplary and forthright to peers and subordinates.

“As you assume new badges of rank, always remember that the organisation expects you to be forthright, exemplary in your conduct, visionary, firm, fair, resourceful, professional, passionate, loyal and patriotic. You must be role models to your peers and subordinates. To this end, I enjoin you to be very quick to learn, understand and implement your new roles as first line supervisors,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

He said the promoted officers were expected to diligently play their role of supervising deployments and ensuring high quality policing service to the people at all times.

“Stave off the nagging temptation to abuse power for personal gain in place of public good. Avoid making this promotion an albatross and a curse to your life as it may lead to your dismissal from the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

He urged those who have been promoted to resist the temptation of using their ranks to engage in corruption as doing so would cut short their careers within the ZRP.

“You must shun the temptation to engage in acts of corruption. The organisation will not be lenient to all those who choose to be corrupt and once caught on the wrong side of the law, you will certainly be discharged from the force,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

He urged the newly promoted leaders in the police force to treat subordinates with respect and demonstrate good leadership.

The police chief said while supervision is ordinarily the act of getting subordinates to perform predetermined tasks, leaders still need to treat subordinates with respect.

“You need to cultivate a culture of team spirit and consultative leadership because promotion does not grant you the passport to tyranny, selfishness, grandstanding and settling personal scores. Therefore you need to be firm, fair, impartial and disciplined,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

The Comm General said the police took gender mainstreaming seriously hence the promotion of female officers.

He said the promotion of more females was in harmony with the organisation’s desire to ensure 50/50 gender parity in all policing endeavours.

A total of 588 male officers and 558 females were promoted to ranks ranging from sergeant to Assistant Inspector. — @andile_tshuma

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  • zibulo

    ZRP officers were a scourge, a hinderance to Tourism with menacing behaviors at Roadblocks. Their boss then Chirihuri defied a Court order to stop Highway Fundraising road blocks, The funds so collected were never accounted for in the Exchequer . The boss remains holed up safely with millions in USDs and Business all over . The President who ignored our CRIES remains holed up in the most EXPENSIVE house in the country. The Ministers who were lieutenants in the Corruption machinery remain untouched with millions in cash USDs in their homes, and keep their looted spoils . The Joint Military Command remains in poweer, now Militarizing all state department, and making transition of Power in case of an opposition The Most Difficult Task-and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The corrupt police details who used to man the NOTORIOUS ROADBLOCKS remain, engaging daily in other corruption activities on their police work routine . We know them because we so hated them that we took close scrutiny of their physical appearances that we were praying to get our hands on them ONE DAY !!. They remain and are told by the same SENIORS who condoned their stinking behavior, to now change and BE GOOD OFFICERS. Zimbabwe is not Independent, only an ARMY -led Govt is saying it to the world WHILST WE ARE MUZZLED. They control ZTV/ZBC and news is censored. Even voting right now was not supposed to happen because The Environment In Zimbabwe should have been given aFULL YEAR to pull down IZINDONGA zase Jerich, the bonds of ZANU which enslave Zimbabweans, by first tearing down the ZBC/ZTV and ZIMPAPERS structures to allow open fair and just broadcasting. As it is , the Nation of “EDUCATED” is a train to nowhere !!!

  • Zimbabwean

    To inspire confidence in the public, the Government should redeploy and replace all previous dispensation spokespersons, starting with Charity Charamba. They remind us of Robert Mugabe dictatorship.

  • mazicobomoco7

    Zvakatopera, with the new dispensation government ,there,s no room for corruption, every one employed by the government of ED must be a servant of the people failure of which they are fired. only people who are enjoying or who have enjoyed corruption will not vote will not vote for ED. Corruption has caused more damage to the economy than corruption. vote ED for a corruption free society.

  • Bambanani

    If there’s anything to remember Mnangagwa, it’s terming ZRP! Thumbs to that one! these mapurisa had become a national demon that was tormenting every motorist