Prophet Ngwenya’s lavish birthday party

Scenes from Prophet Ngwenya’s birthday party on Sunday

Scenes from Prophet Ngwenya’s birthday party on Sunday

Gibson Mhaka, Showbiz Reporter
POPULAR Bulawayo Prophet Thabiso Ngwenya on Sunday caused quite a stir after he hosted a lavish birthday party akin to those of hip-hop moguls such as P Diddy and Jay Z at his Faith In Christ International headquarters in Pumula South.

The self-styled prophet gained popularity from performing miracles, particularly using holy water to heal and reverse hexes (bombing).

Plenty of food and drinks were provided at the colourful event that was graced by thousands among them pastors from different local churches and neighbouring countries such as South Africa and Botswana.

The electric atmosphere and entertainment that punctuated the prophet’s 43rd birthday party was provided by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Band which also did a rendition of the “Happy Birthday Song”.

And as usual, his convoy – which started from his “bombing site” before proceeding to the church headquarters – was a head-turner.

ngwenya bday1

Prophet Ngwenya made a grand arrival at around 2PM appearing in a new light blue Mercedes Benz branded “Prophet Ngwenya’s 43rd Birthday Celebration”.

Addressing the thousands that filled the church premises, he said the Lord was good to him adding that the steps of a man of the cloth are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way.

In an interview, the self-styled prophet was not at liberty to reveal the total budget of the party but said it cost him a fortune.

“It cost me a fortune to organise the birthday party but I don’t regret it because it’s also one of the occasions that I chose to interact with my church members and the public. This has not only left a mark in my life, but to those invited too,” said Prophet Ngwenya.

The man-of-cloth also received praise and presents from the pastors, members of his church and guests who attended the party.

“It was a good day and important moment for our Bishop. This is the day he has set aside so that we celebrate with him. The Bible also teaches us to obey our leaders and submit to them for they are keeping watch over our souls.

ngwenya bday2

“The Bible also says, ‘Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honour, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17),” said Emma Sibanda, a member of the church.

Prophet Ngwenya has made headlines in both local and foreign media specifically South Africa after it was reported that gospel diva Rebecca Malope consulted him over problems relating to infertility. It was also reported that one of former SA president Jacob Zuma’s daughters also consulted the famous healer.

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  • Chitova62

    What an exaggeration/ hyperbole in this ridiculous narrative-‘a birthday party akin to hip-hop moguls P-Diddy & Jay Z’..really, in the dusty pothole ridden streets of Pumula!??

    • kevin

      Dont take it literally mate , i dont think that was the intention , illustration of P Diddy and Jay Z in this instance is just to spell out the extravagance , in your analysis i gather you believe nothing big and grand can ever come out of Pumula , but they do !!

      • gee

        educate the fool

        • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

          The fool is you if you believe feeding a crowd inyama lomgqutshu emalokitshini can be likened to a hip hop party or can even be termed extravagant. The prophet threw a big party and arrived in a nice but used ex Jap/UK car. Just like i did at my wedding.

        • Chitova62

          Q. Three fools were driving to Disneyland when one saw a sign that said “Disneyland left”. What did they do?
          A. They went home.

      • Sukuzukuduma

        uyamazi u P Diddy pho?

      • Chitova62

        Hey matey, didn’t take nothing literally unless you did hence my expression ‘hyperbole’ if you reckon this was some ‘shindig’ of lavish proportions with that ‘measly cake’ in some dishevelled churchyard somewhere in helluva knows where Pumula is, then I beg to differ if you & I live on same planet..!?

    • Daar

      read that twice ngisithi ngizabona P.Diddy Ndlovu and Jay Z Khumalo maybe

    • Sukuzukuduma

      hahahahahahaha say that again

  • Watermelon

    What a silly fake prophet they are tking poor gullible peoples money and having pop music and arriving in a mercedes probably bought off the poor peoples money like a VIP

  • pat

    istyle siyashota kumprofethi, that suit X, wife’s hair and attire X, the cake, a big X