Robbers steal $80 000 from church

The church premises where the robbery occurred

The church premises where the robbery occurred

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A CHRISTIAN denomination in Bulawayo allegedly lost $75 000 and R31 100 to burglars who broke into its church hours after a fund-raising event.

The thieves also got away with 10 buckets full of coins that had not been counted.

They broke a window at Revelation Church of God premises in Kelvin North and cut the burglar bars to gain entry into the office where they took US$9 000, R31 106 and $69 000 in bond notes.

The break-in and theft occurred between 7PM on Sunday and 7AM on Monday.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident and said investigations were still in progress.

“We are investigating a case of theft which occurred last week. We are not yet sure whether it was an unlawful entry or theft case. No arrests have been made yet but investigations are underway.

“We are appealing to members of the public to desist from keeping large sums of money at home or business premises as this attracts thieves,” she said.

A source within the church said Pastor Lovemore Moyo who resides at the church premises discovered the theft on Monday morning and reported the matter to police.

“The bulk of the stolen money had been raised during a fundraising event held last Sunday,” said the source.

Efforts to get a comment from Pastor Moyo were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the church on Wednesday, congregants became hostile and chased them away. They denied that the church lost money to thieves.

The congregants ordered the photographer to delete all the pictures he had taken.—@winnie_masara

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  • Kulez

    Inside job.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Why chase jouralists doing their job? What else are they hiding? Journos should dig a bit depeer.

    • dabulikethe

      When a church starts to hold events for fund raising. Then you begin to wonder its a church or a club. Surely the unrepentant club members decided to share their moneys

      • Brandon Mkhwanazi

        When churches ask for offerings and tithes, you complain. When churches do fundraising events, you still complain? What is the perfect church for you “repentant-club-leader”

        • Father Priest

          Today’s Sermon:”The love of money is evil”. No one can love money and save God at the same time. You cannot save two masters at the same time. Jesus said that. Let the Holy ones harken!

      • Gorrilla

        Hahaha ????????????

  • jmabhena

    abantu abafake imali emabank to improve cash circulation. The theft has exposed some degree of cash hoarding

    • QB

      NgeSunday ayavulwa amabank?

      • musa

        security companies could have helped here

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      And it shows the US$ itself is still around… One church raising US$9000 hard cash in one day in this economy! Also shows people are withdrawing the Bond note from banks and supermarket POS to just keep it at home. I wonder what it’s going to take to make it irrelevant hoarding cash – to destroy this blackhole where any amount of cash injected into the economy just falls into and never resurfaces. People with cash will keep on using the card to make a purchase and still ask for cash back.

      Also, seems the donations were mostly in cash. I would understand it if donations were made via bank transfer or mobile money transfer.

  • Brutal Truth

    If Zimbabweans could unite in raising funds like this to raise & run large companies with every contributor getting shares in that very same company I tell you no one would be poor in this country

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Kikikikiki… Did you notice that the church building used to be some factory or warehouse?

      • Dunderhead

        Yah, it used to be a wholesale shop.

      • kellyv

        So whaat….???

      • Mlambapheli

        That church is housed at the former premisis of Goveya Wholesale Enterprises.

    • Question Mark?

      Are you not aware the Church is now a business and therefore a company?

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Yaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,the difference is that the owner of the church is the sole shareholder, director and beneficiary ( sorry forgot his wife and family & friends).

  • new era

    inside job,,,,

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Ya, could also be job done by a wolf/wolves amongst them who divulged information about the presence of unsecured huge sums of money to a gang of robbers.

      People are not in church for the same noble reasons… In any church…

  • matshaaaa

    its a lie ,how can that amount of money be stored in a warehouse,wasn’t there a safe to keep the money ,why wasn’t it banked,pastors ,treasures know wat happened.

  • Joy

    They lost money to the Pastor

  • Wellington

    The church has killed the country especially these mashrooming pentacosts churches, they encourage laziness deviating from the true biblical principles that were laid down by God, that you work for what you eat, not their fake miracles. They have encouraged a generation who wait for freebies and despise working

  • Gorrilla

    Batai mfundisi vachataura kwavakaisa mari

  • Mbimbindoga Chidembo

    Thieving money launderers! The money should have been banked!