SDA Church murder suspects remanded in custody

The four SDA guard murder suspects who were remanded in custody yesterday

The four SDA guard murder suspects who were remanded in custody yesterday

Cynthia Dube, Court Reporter
FOUR armed robbers who allegedly killed a security guard at a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church-run primary school in Bulawayo’s Pelandaba suburb appeared in court yesterday.

Tomson Phuthi (40) of Mabuthweni suburb, Ndabezinhle Mpofu (25) of Old Pumula suburb, Ownious Bhebhe of Old Magwegwe suburb and Martin Dlamini (36) of New Magwegwe savagely attacked Burton Sikalonga and Mr Vusumuzi Tshuma who were guarding the school’s premises.

Sikalonga died upon admission to Mpilo Central Hospital last week on Wednesday while his workmate Mr Tshuma sustained injuries.

The four who allegedly had a gun, stole three laptops, five SDA t-shirts and nearly $300 at the SDA School and church which are located in the same premises.

The court heard that the suspects struck Sikalongo with an iron bar on the head and all over his body before stabbing him with a hunter’s knife on Tuesday last week at around 3AM.

Phuthi, Mpofu, Bhebhe, and Dlamini appeared before magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya facing a charge of murder. Mr Tashaya did not ask them to plead and remanded them in custody to February 8.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said on January 17 at around 3AM, the accused persons entered the SDA primary school and SDA church in Pelandaba suburb and tied Tshuma and Sikalongo with a school flag rope.

They then allegedly went to open the school administration block.

“They entered the headmaster’s office and stole $296 and five navy blue SDA t-shirts. They then entered the school clerk’s accounts office and stole two laptops, a Lenovo and a Toshiba. The accused persons proceeded to SDA church and stole an HP laptop,” he said.

Mr Dlodlo said police have managed to recover all the laptops, $40, two t-shirts and a pistol from the accused persons.

“An HP laptop and two navy blue SDA t-shirts were recovered from Phuthi. Another accused person Mpofu caused the recovery of a SDA navy blue t-shirt from a resident. A Toshiba laptop and cash amounting to $40 were recovered from Bhebhe. A Lenovo laptop and a pistol were recovered from Dlamini,” he said.


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  • Mkhokheli

    This is a big problem that we do not know what to say. They killed a person over these things. These are grown up men who knew what they were doing and I can only sympathise with their family members who will not see them walking free again. Crime does not pay. They look swollen on their faces, I know ZRP is so good at getting all the information they need from criminals once they apprehend them.

  • Sela Qaphela

    Stealing from a church using armed robbery!!!Hey guys you got instant justice from God! Your wives will be boned while you languish in prison!CRime has never paid and will never pay!And the police had a Christmas party beating you big time !kkk kkk!

  • Ordained & Annointed

    I salute our Police indeed one can try to run and hide but these guys will catch you, its so painful that these criminals had the audacity to enter and rob from the church, of all the places, the Church, God have mercy on our beloved nation.
    The crime rate in general is so disturbing we need to pray for deliverance from this evil.

    • vusumuzi

      premature JUDGEMENT. They are called suspects until they are convicted !!!!, and therefore you should reserve your judgemental talk till then. Doesn’t the Constitution say so ? Amawala !!!!!!!, Bangaphuma phambili ngecala uzokuthini ?

      • Ordained & Annointed

        Vusumuzi u have no idea what it means to get robbed, one day u will get it , why are u offended when we praise our efficient Police, also read and understand before u just call me amawala, the Police did an excellent job in catching the killers and in the eyes of God and the laws of the land a crime was committed, as to how the justice system will handle that its something else, but the same suspects can still be forgiven by our good Lord if they repent, so i pray that u will be spiritually enlightened so that u do not defend crime.

  • theza

    they thought they will get away with crime

  • Phaqa

    Glory to God, never temper with His Church, Thank you ZRP for the job well done. Izkliwi ezibulala umuntu ngesihluku zifuna udilika jele.

    • Mkhokheli

      Phaqa, God does not work that way. His Son(Jesus) actual came for sinners (a group that includes you, me and these buddies). Let us pray for the family of the late, families of these men and even for their own souls that God may forgive them.

  • Kabatshe

    I s this Martin from New Magwegwe or from Mpopoma near Khongo Beer Garden. Is he look alike? Sesizwile ngejaha leli. Lets hope he is one of them they stole my fuel on Xmass eve. Rot in Jail kambias