Sexually explicit Nust exam sparks public outcry

Mr Felix Moyo

Mr Felix Moyo

Auxilia Katongomara, Chronicle Reporter
A recent National University of Science and Technology Journalism Studies examination paper has resulted in a public outcry over language deemed to be too “explicit and sexually suggestive”.

An excerpt from the Fundamentals of Film and Video Production paper has gone viral with some people questioning the rationale behind the type of questioning in it.

The paper also raised questions on the extent of academic freedom with some arguing that it was too explicit for the students. Part of the question paper demanded that the students produce a storyboard.

Storyboards are graphics or diagrams depicting interpretation of the text or action contained in the text.

One of the scenes reads “Fred decides to investigate. He gets into Chantelle’s yard. He tip-toes and when he gets to Chantelle’s window he hears Chantelle mourning with pleasure…”

The language used in others is unsuitable for printing in a family newspaper like The Chronicle.

Veteran journalist Brezhnev Malaba described the lecturer behind the questions as an imbecile.

“The Nust lecturer who set this Journalism Exam paper is either imbecilic or suicidal, or both. He’s been watching too much porn, evidently,” tweeted Malaba.

Thulani Tshabangu tweeted: “Very much perverted, a sex pest. Such must not be allowed anywhere near the lecture room”.

Sheperd Mpofu tweeted: “The question was draw a storyboard. In a way draw people in action”.

Prinx Sunduzani defended the lecturer, saying he was doing his job.

“The lecturer has a right to academic freedom and can teach his students whatever he wants. Don’t insult someone for doing his job, “he tweeted.

A parent who visited The Chronicle newsroom on Wednesday armed with a copy of the controversial examination paper said she did not understand the rationale behind it.

“There must be a line between academic and social. Are we taking our children to be groomed to be pornographic addicts?” fumed the parent who identified herself as Mrs Sibanda.

Nust spokesperson Mr Felix Moyo said such scenes are very normal in film studies and there was nothing extraordinary about the script. “If you look at the things that people watch on their social media, the films that people watch and everything that personally as a communicologist of more than 20 years, I didn’t see anything pornographic about it. If there was any pornography it existed in the minds of the readers,” said Mr Moyo.

“We cannot teach our students less than what they should be taught and we cannot be afraid of examining them in a manner that will show that they understood the concept taught to them.”

Mr Moyo said pieces of art always draw different interpretations.

“Pieces of art are always at the judgment of the one appreciating them. Otherwise society is not complete if you are afraid of talking about certain common activities within society.

“If you create a scenario using words without using pornographic words it’s within the limit, yes close to the line but it’s still within the limit. That exam paper was sent to our external examiners who moderated it and accepted it,” said Mr Moyo.

Some Journalism and Media Studies students defended the examination saying “people should move with the times”.

“We watched that film it’s called Intentions. When we saw the scene in the paper there was nothing unusual about it. We saw people tweeting about it and we were shocked because it’s part of the learning process,” said one student who declined to be named.

Another student said the particular film had several reality discourses such as HIV and Aids, issues to do with sex and that particular scene was part of that.

“We are very cool about it. There is nothing extraordinary about it,” said the student.

— @AuxiliaK


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      • musa

        you can use the edit button rather than replying to yourself. just saying

        • amazon siren


        • Doctor Do little

          You can only edit if you have a disqus account.

  • Mtshayazafe

    Let the lecturer do his job and who leaked the paper, this needs to be investigated

    • Brutal Truth

      What a stupid moron you are.How does a paper leak when it has already been officially written?

    • chief ndou

      students are allowed to walk out with qstn papers after the exams

  • Lux

    Chronicle,was it a typo error when you wrote “Chantelle mourning with pleasure”it should read, “moaning not mourning”,there’s is a difference, look it up, because I don’t think a university of higher learning could print a stupid and obvious error…dunderheads.

    • lizzy

      in this case it did Lux!!!!

  • Siyabonga

    Film production is for people who are faint hearted and I am glad the lecture upped the standard to international levels. When you enrol your child in this course you must know that have taken one step into the world of reality. Liyezwisa badala?

  • Mqino

    kkkk chronicle liyahlanya we are not living in the stone age, and which public are u referring to? You want them to write about lobengula or kaguvi or chimurenga?

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    • makheyi

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    • Musorobhangu(G40)

      Come and setup shop in Zimbabwe…kkkkkk

  • Nkunzebomvu

    These people who are blaming this lecturer don’t even understanding how university examination process is done. For your information if you didn’t know so that in future you comment from an informed point of view:
    1. The lecturer sets the examination paper that addresses what is in the course synopsis and what is in the module outline.
    2. The chairperson of the department reads the set items.
    3. The departmental quality control team looks at the paper.
    4. The paper is sent to the external examiner who also makes a final input.
    Next time if you blame no how and who to blame. An examination paper is not a lecturer’s product but a university assert.

  • kupo

    Overreacting much?

  • lizzy

    I have seen the paper, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except the Chronicle Editor’s obvious intellectual challenges.

    • musa


  • Danny

    Mediocre minded people should not be allowed access to such stuff. Actors are even allowed to kiss strangers at an audition. The same students must just stick to courses like Accounts or Languages if they are not interested.

  • makhosi

    Much ado about nothing really.

    • amazon siren

      very true

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      A mother attempting to protect a university student from his/her learning material. She is just suppressing the child’s artistic expression. So if that child draws a picture of people making love the mother will die of a heart attack.

      • freedom

        The mother is suppressing the child. University education does not intend to produce graduates who have a high school mentality. It is unfortunate that the students who circulated the paper on social media still behave like high school students. From those who know university system, the paper was moderated by a panel. Its like rebuking a student studying medicine not to draw human reproductive organs. A male nurse or doctor can assist a pregnant woman with delivery.

  • Doctor Do little

    I think our interpretation of the English language going by this headline is lacking to say the least. It is my understanding that when you put the two words together (S*xually explicit) the context would be simulation or actual partaking of the deed where as explicit as a stand alone word would mean stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt. If we were writing an examination at a University where we dealing with grown up people why would you not want to be explicit? Would you want to tell our students that babies a brought by a stork? Knowing the narrow mind set of some in out society I would only make an opinion after seeing the paper. I however don’t believe the headline is accurate.

    • MakhosiXamu

      When an issues goes viral it has a lot of negative implications to the general public. What this means is that every one has access to it and that will corrode the mindset of younger generation. The NUst institution can not expect society to accept bad acts to littered in the streets. This issue should have remained at Nust , period. All those defending this piece of trash are insane. Society has its values backward or forward is not the issue, here. As for Felix Moyo’s utterances – I wonder whether this man has a family njalo ngimazi eyindoda yema Sikweni. Pornographic material can not splashed anywhere.

      • Nkululeko Dlodlo

        What is your definition of pornographic material you moron? You are a senseless fool. Do you think university students are kindergarten kids? Don’t you watch films at your house? You don’t watch amaseries, o24, oScandal, and many more? What do you think is in the scripts of those films? Bible verses and church hymns? There is no way students who are doing film studies can be trained without passing through such content. Stop being an annoying moralist and grow up.

        • MakhosiXamu

          NUST is washing its dirty linen in the public door-main and that is unacceptable. kulihlazo okwenzakala e NUst. You can not display bedroom activities in public in pursuit of Professionalism, period. You can shout and go wild and scream on top of mountains ubulema yubilema , period.

          • N. Sithole

            I don’t think you understood the story @Jotham/Makhosixamu. These are matters beyond a layman’s comprehension. Ever been to a university? By the way, what is ‘the public door-man’? Is it the same as ‘public domain’?

          • Zuze

            KKKKKK I missed that one KKKKK That is because uXamu hates teachers KKKK Kumbeni uyenza ngabomo.

          • mamohwethu

            Kkkkkk he is an uneducated fool trying to comment about issues that he doesn’t know. He doesn’t even have the capacity to dream about being at a university yet he wants to annoy us on this platform.

          • Zuze

            Xamu if you want to debate labo Do little and abo Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn you will have to sharpen up Ndoda. You don’t even begin to understand what they are saying. Nxa usiti these people had s*x whilst others watched or it was recorded then maybe you are making sense. For now ukuluma iraba.

          • mamohwethu

            It is public domain idiot not PUBLIC DOOR-MAIN. You want to criticize NUST, and institution of higher learning, and lecturers when you are DULL to say the least. Shut up. Uyilema

          • mbobozohluzo

            Bt you got the sense in any way, wena nguwe owazi isikhiwa ukwedlula abanye?

  • ndizvo

    zimbos got nothing to do better than been shallow minded

  • Geff

    And this is supposed to be NUST – where is the technology and science ? Give us a break .

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      Making a movie is “technology” – what’s wrong with you.

      • Nkululeko Dlodlo

        I totally agree with you Hacha Duke. The problem is that people who wrote this article and those who criticized this unfortunate lecturer do not even understand what they’re talking about. They don’t even know that producing a movie is “technology”. Seriously? Nxa!

        • mamohwethu

          Sex pest, this Tshabangu….How ironic he says that about others.

  • libertyatliberty

    Njabulo:There is nothing wrong with the questioning technique of the lecturer in that paper.To claim that that amounts to obscene material(material that can corrupt or deprave) society is right.But under that law people are allowed to derogate or waive ,for as long as the published material is meant to promote literature ,art or science.ln this case to facilitate the learning process.But if the material was published to corrupt or deprave society,then that would amount to a crime.It is universally legal in the eyes of law to publish obscene material for learning purposes.In this case the lecturer in question has done absolutely nothing wrong.

  • Tom

    Chronicle,Brezhnev Malaba-liyahlanya-munopenga-you are mad!! Kwaaaa munuwese ah never mind!!!!

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      I was surprised that a fully qualified journalist would condemn a s*xual scene in a movie.

      • Nkululeko Dlodlo

        He is not fully qualified so don’t be surprised. He was sacked from Sunday Mail where they had made a mistake of making him the editor. For falsehoods, can you imagine. Sacked from publishing falsehoods, now he has the guts to tweet about things he doesn’t know and Chronicle being Chronicle goes on to trust a big fat liar, a fart.

  • Ziyabheda

    The Public refereed to here is the reporter himself and friends. I wonder what they would say if they were to go into a medical student,s syllabus.

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      They will faint

      • mamohwethu

        kkkkkk, indeed.

  • Sekuru Wanguda

    we have lots of maggots and f**&(s in this country, let teh kids at university be thats art mhani

  • Nkululeko Dlodlo

    Strange enough this Mrs Sibanda is a woman who would most probably burn meat on the stove as she would be glued in front of the television set watching scenes of gays kissing on Generations, with her kids also watching the same programme during prime time.

  • Nkululeko Dlodlo

    As for Brezhnev Malaba who has been highlighted to be a veteran journalist, what does he know about film production. He is nothing but a holder of a national diploma in mass communication. He is a former newspaper editor who has never even written any film script in his life and who at some stage in his life enrolled at NUST and dismally failed in the first semester after which he then withdrew from the journalism degree programme. He is a frustrated fart that has failed to progress with school whilst other journalists are upgrading themselves and getting degrees. Brezhnev has never produced or directed any motion picture. Auxillia and the Chronicle Editor should tell us what made them take Mr Malaba’s Twitter comment seriously.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    This zanu paper should leave lectures to do their work.Is this Mrs Sibanda a girl friend to the editor? Are you telling me that if I storm into the Chronicle offices complaining about dips (for cattle) which now cant kill even one tick,,,,you will run with the story?The answer is obviously NO. There is NO story here.

    • Nkululeko Dlodlo

      You are right. All this smirks of a personal vendetta against the lecturer or the college. Or a reporter who has been sent to write crap either about the college or the lecturer taking students in that course. Or the reporter was bribed. Auxillia, tell us what happened. Surely, you and your bosses there cannot think that this is news, worse, a story that should appear on the front page? Someone should get fired at the Chronicle.

      • MakhosiXamu

        Fuseki , mgodoyi

        • Nkululeko Dlodlo

          Thank you for you insult. You keep on showing how shallow you are. Those unprintable words you used to insult me are explicit, not what is in the NUST script. Kkkkkkkk

  • Nkululeko Dlodlo

    And what is the definition of a public outcry? Mrs Sibanda, if she really exists, a Shepherd Mpofu, a Thulani Tshabangu and Malaba himself are the public? Like, seriously? I’ve just been on Malaba’s Twitter post and thread. There is a mixed bag of comments with some people even telling him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. So that is supposed to be the public?

  • Doctor Do little

    I cannot understand why my reply to MakhosiXamu is being blocked?

    • mamohwethu

      Didn’t you write something that is too EXPLICIT. Don’t these idiots have a way of censoring EXPLICIT comments from readers???

      • Doctor Do little

        It is amazing really. This particular debate is just so straight forward with people just giving their honest opinions.

      • qwerty

        you see thats where the problem with us africans… amasiko this inhlonipho that, am not saying we should change ur way of life but okunye madoda if we don’t cross the lines sizahlala sisebunyameni. no break throughs or scientific discoveries sibi se development. we are limiting ourselves and not giving room to discover our true purposes in life. akumelanga kube yisikolo lenhlonipho lamasiko wayawaya

  • mamohwethu

    Is this Thulani Tshabangu a former Lupane State University lecturer? The 1 who lost his job after setting an offensive exam paper which had an annex dat was insulting President RG? So he’s not even a reliable source to rely on. There’s so much that can be said about this Tshabangu. Mina zwi!!!

    • Nkululeko Dlodlo

      Ungathuli. Tell us more phela, about this Tshabangu.

      • mamohwethu

        He (a married man) was sleeping with one of his student before he was chased away from the lecture room. Kkkkk

  • mamohwethu

    On serious note, what is the fuss about. Are students who are doing film studies not supposed to be examined on such? If they don’t get such exams, then what are they supposed to get?

    • Nkululeko Dlodlo

      It’s just a paper trying to sell by exaggerating issues. There is clearly no story here.

  • makheyi

    today we are missing are usual okapi news, indaba zokugiqana, lobugebengu esigabeni

    • Nkululeko Dlodlo

      Bona bebhala izinto ezingela sense. Surely!

  • Emmanuel Sibanda

    Well done NUST, Journalism department to be specific. I pray that all students who produced such material of global standard walk away with distinctions in this course- a social science one. Shame on those who publicly exposed their contaminated brains. To the Chronicle reporter/editor….your reporting on this far fetched story is a clear sign that you are a product of Changamire Dombo University if not an ECD Centre. What you reported is not news, however, the real news is your par poor intepretation of news values. Yimi uEmmanuel Sibanda

    • Nkululeko Dlodlo

      Kkkkkkkk, what can you say about the likes of Brezhnev Malaba the so called veteran journalist, Shepherd Mpofu (vele lowu ngowangaphi – I don’t know him) and Tshabangu (who we have been told about)? They are the ones who seem to be the PUBLIC that is crying foul about this exam paper.

      • mambatha

        UShepherd wafunda eNUST. He did journalism at NUST. Very dull and pompous individual if I remember well . I hear he ended up getting a doctorate in South Africa but I wonder how he got it. He was very dull. Let me try to research to see if he didn’t score a phd in a controversial way ngoba he was very dull.

      • The Don

        I doubt Dr Shepherd Mpofu is a real phd holder. He taught us a research course in part 2 at NUST and did an extremely poor job. His phd is pure sh*t.

  • mambatha

    Yah! Sokutshisa. I was wondering when someone was going to bring this up. So true yazi.

  • libertyatliberty

    Njabulo:There is nothing wrong with the questioning technique of the lecturer in that paper.To claim that that amounts to obscene material(material that can corrupt or deprave society) is wrong.Because under the publication of obscene material law, people are allowed to derogate or waive ,for as long as the published material is meant to promote literature ,art or science.ln this case to facilitate the learning process.But if the material was published for public to just enjoy reading it ,then that is a commission of a crime ,because that material is meant to corrupt or deprave the public.It is universally legal in the eyes of law to publish obscene material for learning purposes.In this case the lecturer in question has done absolutely nothing wrong.

  • Ton van Der Parker

    Clearly people have not seen or heard about the Criminal Law exams where questions on rape and sexual assault are properly described. One would guess that a paper like that if given to law students in a Zimbabwean Law School would cause a social uproar.