Soldier loses bonus, pay to pickpockets

Patient Sibanda Court Reporter—
A SOLDIER lost $700, some of it his bonus, to three pickpockets at a city restaurant. Jethro Marwenze of Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb — who is stationed at HQ1 Brigade — was buying food at Golden Grill restaurant when Phathisani Dube, 24, Walter Ndebele, 26, and Nkosilathi Masuku, 35, all from Pumula South suburb searched his pockets and fished out the money.

The incident occurred hours after Marwenze received his 13th cheque on Tuesday. Dube, Ndebele and Masuku appeared before magistrate Tinashe Tashaya facing a charge of theft.

They pleaded guilty. “I admit that we searched him. When the police caught us we had already spent about $200,” said Dube. Magistrate Tashaya remanded them out of custody to February 22, 2016 for sentencing.

“When you come for your sentencing on Monday make sure you bring the rest of the complainant’s money,” he said. Prosecuting, Taurai Hondoyemoto told the court that on Tuesday at around 3AM Dube, Ndebele and Masuku picked Marwenze’s pocket as he was buying food.

“They took $700 from his pocket. The complainant realised that they had searched him. “He confronted them and they ran out of the restaurant. The complainant gave chase but failed to catch them. He reported to the police and about $413 was recovered after the trio was arrested,” said the prosecutor.

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  • Lunga

    This is headline news??? Who cares?

    • MakhosiXamu

      Ngoba ulisela. Why should you worry about thieves , since you belong to the group.

      • Bongani Dlamini

        well done Dube, well done Ndebele and well done Masuku. amasotsha ka Mugabe deserve every pain we can inflict on them.Unfortunately lisuke labotshwa. spare all else and torment these little devils

        • chakanetsa

          Police know the pick picketers and work hand in hand,when they realized the soldier had identified them obviously communication was done and the guys asked to return loot.

    • kabatshe

      yu care since yu have made a comment

  • mtshayisa

    I thought part of their training includes running and endurance. Failed to catch them?!

    • khu

      perhaps he became aware that they could harm or kill him and had to try another plan

  • Orenthawl James

    Yo Wasn’t dis here issue directed at Mthunywa an’ erroneously ended up in da Chronicle!!

  • Mkhokheli

    These thieves should be made to pay back the money before being sent to the docs. Being a soldier is a job and one is expected to pay fees, feed family…. For lofers to think they can get it free it’s a serious crime and they have to face the wrath of law. Others are gold panning while other youths are selling sweets. Thanks to the police for finding these criminals before it was too late. As for the soldier, why carrying that amount of money at night. We’re you trying to show off?

    • vusumuzi

      being a soldier of the current Zimbabwe is not a job. The country has no enemies outside but inside it, and it is the Govt which beats , kills , tortures, tear gases its people in a manner worse than the Colonialist Smith regime. This army is used to kill its own , it has n ever been engaged in open war with any other army , except the unarmed and defenseless citizens , who happen to have a different opinion of how an independent Zimbabwe should function. And that is labelled being subversive. Its only a language spoken by ZANU and its supporters that other Zimbabweans are not desirable here. So you writer understand and respect that we have different feelings abouit what our Zimbabwe is and if you label me a traitor , remember you had to engage me and others first in open talks where our opinions get listened to and acted upon. This soldier is not at work, he is trained to kill “enemies”- that is anybody agains t ZANU. Mind you the number of voters for opposition tell the story even if you dispute what i say . That is what is in the people’s minds.

  • Tonde

    These southern Boys need to be lashed and sent to prison for a very long time! How can they steal from a hardworking Northern soldier like that and not expect repercussions! This soldiers are prepared to die for our country! They need to be respected!

  • Zwangendaba

    But what was the soldier doing with all that money at 3Am?
    He also could have flushed it when buying food.
    Its not right to give police unnecessary work.

    • Bambanani

      I had missed the 3AM part. In fact, if you see a man shoping at 3am, he himself has a problem. Why not leave the money in the bank?

  • vagician

    country is doomed if we have idiotic and imbecile soldiers like this

  • Max

    Bonus, why carry 700 hard cash at 3am, he was obviously from a drinking spree, and why loose discipline to eat at 3am, shame on you, wish you had lost it all. This is no news to the nation please, we need better stories not issues of people who are not responsible; soldiers need financial discipline, he actually deserves punishment by his bosses at the barracks, uyasiyangisa, uyangisa ibutho lethu leZimbabwe.

  • qondani

    Put your money under your pillow or in the bank. Flash it at 3 am you will be sorry