Take a leaf from Zuma, Mugabe told

Mr Robert Mugabe

Mr Robert Mugabe

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
Former President Mr Robert Mugabe should dump his politics of entitlement and egotism and emulate other former statesmen who believe in continuity, political analysts said yesterday.

The analysts said Mr Mugabe should take a leaf from former South African President Jacob Zuma who over the weekend volunteered to campaign for the ANC ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Mr Zuma resigned last month in the face of a no-confidence vote supported by his own party.

He announced over the weekend that despite being in retirement, he will campaign for ANC in his home province, KwaZulu-Natal, adding that he was ready to be redeployed by the party.

This is contrary to Mr Mugabe whose “selfishness” has seen him anointing Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri (Retired) to lead the National Patriotic Front (NPF), a new political outfit composed of members of the G40 cabal.

The cabal was expelled from Zanu-PF last December while Mr Mugabe resigned after being recalled by his party, Zanu-PF.

NPF has indicated that it will contest the harmonised elections this year.

Political analyst Mr Alexander Rusero yesterday said unlike Mr Zuma, Mr Mugabe was self-centred.

“We are dealing with two protagonists here with one being a former statesman who is grateful of his contribution as a person and civil servant occupying the highest office in South Africa,” he said.

“Then we are also dealing with another protagonist who has a dangerous feeling of entitlement who thought that Zimbabwe belongs to him and him only, someone who could not imagine there will come a certain time he could no longer be on the reign. Zuma’s statement represents politics of continuity while what Mugabe is doing is a dangerous gimmick and dangerous politics of entitlement of saying things cannot continue as long as I am not involved.”

Mr Rusero added: “It is unfortunate that for the first time he is blundering, reading a wrong political script because at the end of the day he is busy fighting something he created and the history and legacy he is part of. These are double standards. He is reading politics from a script of frustration and desperation not sober sense which requires rationality and decency.”

Another political analyst Mr Goodwine Mureriwa said Mr Mugabe’s sentiments should not hold Zimbabwe at ransom.

“Zuma has been ousted and he understands the circumstances that resulted in his ouster while here we have an adamant and selfish former president who believes Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe revolves around himself and his clan,” he said.

“What Zuma has done is a wakeup call to Mugabe that if he has always been standing for the wishes of the people and the people have spoken that they want a new leadership, he should support the will of the people and lead by example.”

Tanzania-based political analyst Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi weighed in: “Zuma has demonstrated the astounding consciousness and virtues of a principled leader who is not self-centric. This strikes a difference with Mugabe who thinks at 94, he can destabilise Zanu-PF and scuttle the victory of President Mnangagwa. Unfortunately, he was a hero turned villain and no progress-minded Zimbabwean cares to listen to sour grapes from a disgraced nonagenarian. What boggles the mind however is that Zimbabweans endured 37 years of his rule but he is already too tired of being ruled in three months.

He needs to take a leaf from Zuma because Zanu-PF gave Mugabe everything during his time and hobnobbing with NPF and fallen G4O cabal is certainly not what he owes to the revolutionary party.”

In recalling Mr Mugabe, Zanu-PF resolved that the former leader was losing control of the party to his wife Mrs Grace Mugabe and the G40 cabal.

The cabal had also become instrumental in making executive decisions.

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  • Jojo Wamoyo

    Zuma is not married to Grace. RG is just being pushed. I remember reading somewhere that Grace told him to shut up in front of her farm workers when he tried to assist.

    • Tjovitjo

      That’s precisely why ZANU must now urgently physically separate him from the abusive Gire to protect his legacy.

  • Simon Muziwendoda

    It is that WOMAN who is misleading the old man!!

  • Chipoto Vhaivhai

    Are you people scared of the goblin? He is a part of you and deal with your issues without involving the generality of Zimbabweans. Bloody analysts.

  • Future

    No one is pushing that old man , he is just Greed ; Musanyepere Grace , Mugabe anoda kutonga

  • Njomane

    Kkkkkk…. Zimbabweans endured 37 years of his rule but he is already too tired of being ruled in 3 months.

    • Major Musango

      that’s a diversion from the Mnangagwa cabal … they are succeeding in making the nation focusing on the other political parties

      • Tjovitjo

        It’s not a diversion at all; even at 94 the old man is still cunning and full of mischief. Bob haumuzive iwe, bvunza ini !! Remember the ‘asante sana’ speech before an expectant global audience?

  • Major Musango

    This is just a campaign by the Mnangagwa cabal to try and tarnish the old man’s name and try to paint Mnangagwa as a sincere President; and also a ploy to divert the nation from concentrating on the opposition parties and also trying to remind the nation that there was once a President called Mugabe.

    • Joy

      Typical of a dictator.

  • Dubs

    Zuma’s house was not surrounded by SADF. SADF did not march alongside people to remove him. He was removed by his peers which in this case Mugabe’s peers could have done with a vote of no confidence. Amagwala to the last.

  • Wellington

    Mnangagwa and his friends created and proped up this monster bob now they are crying,They used to shout and chant especially mnangagwa “pamberi navaMugabeeee, pasi nemhanduuu” vaMugabe cheteee and all that crap, they even killed for him. leave us alone, address the bread and butter issues not telling us your nonsense

  • Joel

    Zuma is zuma and Mugabe is mugabe musiyeyi ayiite zvaanonzwa kuda. akutadzisa kufema ere.


    Zuma is Mzansi and has a totally different personality from that of Mugabe, a Shona. Mugabe and Shona people in general have an entitlement mentality. That is why there is this belief among the Shona people that Zimbabwe is for Shonas only. Its a sense of entitlement imbued in them by ZANU PF as they grew up. Once they are in positions; they would rather die with the positions and even with the country, if it needs be.

  • MakhosiXamu

    Zuma was not toppled by the ARMY and at no time did the SADF ever interfere with the political process. Mugabe is not running for Presidency and it is his democratic right to select a candidate of his choice to become President of Zimbabwe. ED is President through the ARMY that has been personalised as Chiwenga’s foot stool. If that wasn’t a coup why did the Armoured cars /tanks and heavy military personnel encircle the State House. If ever ED wants Zanu PF to be united he must resign and return the power to RG. The Chronicle is just a mouth piece of whoever goes to State House. Zuma was recalled and RG was forced to leave at gun point, period. currently the ARMY is running the country …what a shame.

    • josefa chinotimba

      Remember,a bullet is mightier than a pen.

    • Top Sgelekeqe

      Mugabe and Mnangagwa – the difference is the same!! You are just a poodle of the 94 year old Great Grand Father. Where in the world do you find 94 year olds running countries?

  • Smle

    Where is his friend Mbeki and other friends of his? Why dont they give the old man some sound advice??? Mbeki is very quiet these days