Thug attacks 5 in 30-minute knife rampage

Menelisi Msipa

Menelisi Msipa

Tanaka Mrewa, Court Reporter
IN a frenetic 30 minutes, a Bulawayo man allegedly stabbed five people leaving one with an eye protruding and also allegedly robbed two of the victims.

Menelisi Msipa (23) appeared in court with a heavily swollen and bruised face after a mob allegedly meted out instant justice on him.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya did not ask him to plead to charges of attempted murder, robbery and assault.

Msipa told the court that someone stabbed him on the face in the ensuing melee.

“Your Worship I’m not sure who stabbed me. I need medical examination. I’m in great pain,” he said.

Mr Tashaya remanded him in custody to February 28.

State allegations are that Msipa attacked two people in Makokoba suburb and three at Engen Garage along Luveve Road.

Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo for the state, told the court that all the attacks took place on February 11 at around 9PM.

“Msipa approached Mr Tichaona Masiriri of Mzilikazi suburb who was proceeding to Mzilikazi from Makokoba. Msipa asked for matches and Mr Masiriri said he didn’t have. Msipa produced an Okapi knife and stabbed Mr Masiriri on the upper lip once. He then robbed Mr Masiriri of a cellphone and $7,” said Mr Dlodlo.

Mr Simbarashe Sibanda who was walking in the same direction saw Msipa attacking Mr Masiriri and he went over to assist Mr Masiriri.

Msipa pounced on him and stabbed him above his left eye leaving the eye protruding, the court heard.

Mr Dlodlo said Mr Sibanda screamed in pain and attracted the attention of Mr Baret Sibanda who was passing by.

“Baret drew closer to see what was happening. He held Mr Sibanda trying to help. Msipa attacked him too. He stabbed him once on the head and left hand before fleeing from the scene,” he said.

Mr Dlodlo said minutes later Msipa approached Mr Rashid Polongani of Lobengula suburb who was waiting for transport at Engen garage. He accused him of stealing from him.

Msipa allegedly drew out his Okapi knife and stabbed Mr Polongani once on the back. He allegedly robbed him of a  Samsung S7 and $60.

The court heard that Mr Polongani screamed for help and Mr Maphios Hama who was close waiting for transport to Cowdray Park ran to his rescue. Msipa stabbed him once on the back too.

Mr Dlodlo said Mr Hama and Mr Sibanda are admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) respectively.

According to the state, both are in critical condition and their medical reports are still outstanding.


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  • Cetshwayo

    Londoda lo sgebengu senja, ungagwaza abantu abanengi kanje madoda and for those meagre amounts

    • dabul’khethe

      Ithalenta lakhe kodwa lihle embizweni uma isihlomile ngempela

      • Cetshwayo

        Usho kahle impela

  • Ghost of Sparta

    This guy needs to be given a very long custodial sentence because he is a clear and present danger to society. 10 years in jail might reform him.

  • theza

    thats very bad, he should rot in prison, Makokoba is a dangerous spot at night

  • sigadula

    I wonder if the victims were HIV infected by this knife which kept on goring people. The suspect is surely an HIV transmitter. Let him go to prison where some of his friends are. This sciety has no place for such people.

  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    This is a rabid dog that should have been killed on the spot by residents. Injani elobhova. Ngabe bayibulele. Nxa maan.

  • Fairer

    The law should take its course.He is lucky the mob did not do like in SA where he could have been necklaced on the spot.

  • mpala

    the thug looks like a small boy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Positive Thinking


  • cala

    Jindu devised a plan to make his money using a gun now this man makes money by using a knife, he stabs and robs

  • checkers

    a rabid dog indeed. he deserves a lengthy sentence

  • Sonde

    I hate to say it but Tonde was right! Our people really love to Stab, rob and steal using Okapi’s. I humbly suggest we use the Okapi as our national emblem if ever we get a Mathwakazi nation. Im sure as, Tonde would point out, that the young man was also wearing MaTommy while perpetrating the crime!

    • Tonde

      Then Mathwakazi is such a bad idea. With everyone tommie shoed holding his okapi and targeting to stab 5 people at 9 oclock; you will all finish each other before 10 oclock. What a sad half hour, short time nation to have? Anyway, short time is bad, it cant be allowed to hapen on this beutiful earth. Did you not consider what Tonde said about an Okapi Knives and Tommie Shoes Act? A blanket ban on okapi knives and tommie shoes in the south? Tonde would like to personally disarm you of your okapi knife and tommie shoes.

      • Tonde

        I have to also say that a blanket ban should also apply to northerners carrying an axe and wearing Korekore manyatela (sandles) with a calabash of hwahwa. This is even more dangerous than a knife. Now we also have Northern Jinduists in the South using guns to kill people and the axe to chop up their body parts.

        • Sonde

          You are right Tonde. But how about the AXE as a symbol for the North. Above it they could have a Parrafini hat.

          • Tonde

            Not a bad idea Sonde! I personally think the AXE is a humble weapon that is used to improve the lives of people unlike an Okapi, especially in the hands of a Southerner. I also like your idea of having the Parrafini hat above the AXe. I will steal you idea and suggest that you also put a pair of Matommy shoes above the Okapi symbol on the Mathwakazi Emblem.

          • Sonde

            That won’t work because Messina wants that particular symbol in the But of a Northerner with a Parrafini hat and facing the Zim boarder. Too late its taken.

          • sigadula

            Ladies and gentlemen, Tonde and Sonde are names used byone person. He is merely aiming to infiltrate you with his ideas as if the other people are supporting him. Resist this temptation. Look at the responses! Abantu abalazinto zokwenza sibili

    • ndabezitha

      Where is Tonde? He has since disappeared. Perhaps he is Jindu or another dangerous criminal behind bars.

  • DeKepekepe

    What a dangerous gay from Matebeleland

  • qondani

    Isela lizwa ngenduku

  • Wellington

    Bamtshaye mbijana lowu

  • BonzoReChihuta

    Another Jindu

  • QB

    Heee abanikazi beBulawayo kasyihambi ebusuku laba bona bazenza obani bazabanyisa obhinya