Two months no trace of missing 92-year-old

Mrs Simanga Dube

Mrs Simanga Dube

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Plumtree Correspondent
A 92-YEAR-OLD woman who has been described as dear and beloved by his 54-year-old son, went missing two months ago while on her way to his homestead — about 10 kilometres away.

Mr Abednico Dube said his family was appealing for help to locate her mother and are praying that she is still alive.

Bulilima Mangwe officer responsible for crime, Superintendent Pedzai Dzindimu said a missing person’s report had been made for Mrs Simanga Dube of Silozwe area.

He appealed to members of the public with information on the old woman’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station.

Mr Dube said his mother went missing on October 28 and they have been searching for her ever since.

“My mother sneaked out of her homestead on 28 October last year at around 10AM headed for my homestead which is 10 kilometres away to collect sweet potato leaves.

“I later received a phone call from my brother that evening asking me whether she had arrived and I said she hadn’t. We waited until the following day but she didn’t turn up or return to her homestead,” said Mr Dube.

He said his mother lived with her granddaughter, Nomsa Dube aged 15 years.

Mr Dube said on the day in question, his mother sneaked out of the house when Nomsa had gone to collect firewood.

He said one of their neighbours, Mr Joram Nyathi later informed the family that he had seen the old woman resting underneath a tree on the day she disappeared.

Mr Dube said villagers launched a search for a week but they failed to locate her.

He said they traced her footprints from her homestead and realised that she had taken a wrong path along the way, but when they followed they hit a dead end.

Mr Dube said villagers went in different directions searching for her, but failed to locate her.

He said the family had, however not abandoned the search.

“Mr Joram Nyathi told us that he came across my mother while she was sitting underneath a tree near Silozwe Hill on the day she disappeared at around 1PM. He said my mother told him that she was on her way to my homestead and she was resting as her feet were painful.

“Mr Nyathi said he left my mother there assuming that all was well and she would reach her destination. That was the last time she was seen,” he said.

“We are hoping that she is still alive and we appeal to anyone who has seen her to get in touch with the police. She is so dear to us and everyone is devastated by the situation. We don’t want to lose our beloved mother in such a manner.”


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