UN, Sadc & eu call for calm

President Mugabe (centre) met the ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga,  SA Minister of Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (in yellow head gear), Zimbabwe Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi and Zimbabwe State Security Minister Cde Kembo Mohadi at State House in Harare yesterday

President Mugabe (centre) met the ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, SA Minister of Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (in yellow head gear), Zimbabwe Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi and Zimbabwe State Security Minister Cde Kembo Mohadi at State House in Harare yesterday

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
UNITED Nations Secretary General Mr António Guterres yesterday called for calm and preservation of human rights following the political stabilisation intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces on Wednesday.

This comes as the Sadc Organ Troika met in Botswana yesterday and called for the settling of differences in a peaceful manner.

The meeting also called for the convening of an urgent extra-ordinary Sadc Summit.

The ZDF took corrective measures early on Wednesday morning as they sought to pacify a “degenerating political, social and economic situation in the country which, if left unchecked, would have resulted in violent conflict.”

President Mugabe with Army Commander General Constantino Chiwenga

President Mugabe with Army Commander General Constantino Chiwenga

The process was executed in a peaceful manner.

Business has continued around the country with shops, banks, transport operators and other service providers operating normally.

There are no reports of violence.

Civil servants are also reporting for duty without hindrance. Mr Guterres’ deputy spokesperson Mr Farhan Haq said they were still gathering information on the developments.

“The Secretary-General has been monitoring the evolving situation in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“He appeals for calm, non-violence and restraint. Preservation of fundamental rights including freedom of speech and assembly is of vital importance.”

Mr Haq added: “The Secretary-General stresses the importance of resolving political differences through peaceful means and dialogue and in line with the country’s constitution.”

In a communique, the Sadc Organ Troika said: “Sadc Organ Troika noted with great concern the unfolding situation in the Republic of Zimbabwe. Sadc Organ  Troika further reafirmed the need for Sadc member states to remain guided by their Constitutions. Sadc Organ Troika called upon all stakeholders in Zimbabwe to settle the political challenges through peaceful means.”

African Union chairperson and Guinea President Alpha Conde said: “The AU immediately calls for the restoration of constitutional order and calls on all stakeholders to show responsibility and restraint, to ensure respect for lives, fundamental freedoms and integrity of Zimbabwe. We demand respect for the Constitution, a return to the constitutional order and we will never accept the military coup d’etat.”

African Union Commission chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat said they were closely following developments.

He urged all stakeholders to address the current situation in accordance with the Constitution of Zimbabwe and relevant instruments of the AU.

Mr Mahamat said it was crucial that the crisis be resolved in a manner that promotes democracy and human rights, as well as the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.

He added that the AU was working closely with the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the leaders of the region to come up with a workable solution in Zimbabwe.

China also dismissed reports that Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantino Chiwenga, who was in the Asian country, had visited to discuss a military coup in the country. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said Gen Chiwenga’s visit was a “normal military exchange.”

“What I can tell you is that his visit was a normal military exchange as agreed by the two countries,” he said.

Zimbabweans, churches, trade unions, business community and opposition political parties have welcomed the intervention by the uniformed forces saying it was done in the spirit of national interest and security.

Legal experts weighed in saying the exercise was done in accordance with the dictates and tenets of the Constitution and in respect of Sadc and AU security protocols.

They also applauded the fact that the intervention was done in a way that prevented bloodshed, promotes peace and national development.

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  • Vumani

    The Army made a gross mistake of suggesting it’s not coup, it has given Mugabe ammunition to cling on to the constitution hence the stalemate. In all the hysteria & exicitment everyone overlooked the aspect of legitimacy. The general wanted Munagagwa to take over but overlooked Mpoko, as the ancient one delays SADC headed by a bunch of ZUMA idiots is now taking the position that a coup is not permissible the alternative would be impeachment in accordance with section 97 which would require 2/3 majority across the parties. Most reports are purely speculative but the more the transition is delayed the more it becomes complicated Mugabe initially suggested he would sign a resignation in the presence of The coup instigator Munagagwa he probably wanted to tell him the constitution does not allow him to take over since he was officially fired. The Army put themselves in fix by allowing SADC and South Africa to be involved the excitable Lungu is now saying he will defend Mugabe. In as much as everyone wants Mugabe gone the General’s factional alliance & choice of successor will fall short on legitimacy Mugabe as stubborn as he is knows that the military have made a fatal mistake of inviting SADC he will argue that if he steps down the constitution allows his deputy Mpoko to be interim president. Chiwenga will not escalate his powers anyhow in the presence of SADC and AU. The matter requires the intervention of constitutional experts who are not aligned to any faction with no vested interests, there is basis for a transitional authority without invoking constitutional requirements.

    • ndabazabantu

      thats why it is important for people to register to vote for a candidate of their choice as it is some people ignore voter registrations and when those who are registered choose their candidate of their choice some cry foul. Elections should be observed and the observers will certify them free and fair according to their observations. The one with the majority vote should be respected no seizing of power as it wont reflect the will of the people. A take over by someone not elected by the masses will mean heavy sanctions on the nation and that person might not be able to pay civil service salaries resulting in these people living us at the mercy of death, people like doctors might leave for other countries. The most fair thing is to respect the constitution at all times , no cutting of corners. Zhuwawo is said to have told the workforce that he will put his economic knowledge to improve conditions of service.Elections are just around the corner the observers need to be present when people choose someone of their choice. A coup is not right it leads to heavy santions.

  • qondani

    Where is the violence. The last violence was caused by former president and his police

    • Vumani

      Violence is well documented in post 2000 & 2008 elections at the behest of ZDF led by Chiwenga.This is classic case of 2 Tyrannies trying to outsmart each other, amid the excitement & euphoria look closely what is happening Chiwenga wants Munagagwa to take over the reins but as a sacked person he has no constitutional mandate Mugabe would have to officially swear him in the letter of the constitution. It’s foolhardy to prematurely celebrate its more complicated than we would want to assume, the involvement of SADC and AU will require addherence to the law, even Mugabe is compelled to resign Chiwenga’s personal ambitions should be scrutinised in his narrow-minded view he assumed it’s a done deal. That is why Munagagwa remains hidden as lawyer he knows he is in an untenable situation. Although people begrudge SADC & AU past injustices in Zimbabwe they are the only bodies that will endorse any transfer of power lest we forget ZUMA is the current chair with personal problems similar to Mugabe. In the matrix Mpoko as the only legitimate VP at the moment where does he stand food for thought.

      • qondani

        Let them eat each other like lions,it’s the other side of same coin

      • ndabazabantu

        They should not force some one out who was voted by the majority and try to install those who were not voted by the people, they should follow the constitution, the elections should be respected

        • Vumani

          That’s the sticking point the General Chiwenga held the constitution in his hand at his press conference but what he deliberately omitted was the part that Mugabe despite our dislike for him he is empowered to hire and fire at his discretion. It would require a formal appointment of Munagagwa as VP for him to assume presidency but the ancient one will not relent

    • Vumani

      I concur it’s more of a Zezuru & Karanga war at the exclusion of the electorate. As much as there is consensus on the removal of Mugabe. We witness a clamouring of positions Tsvangirai discharged himself from hospital he sounds like a man who has been promised a premier postition in order to legitimise the coup successors . Tendai Biti making pronouncements on behalf of finance minstry without a mandate. It is classic case of vultures circling to consume the remanents of a carcass. The good thing to come of this is that the monstrous party is shedding itself.

      • Wellington

        exactly Tswangirayi has been bedridden and out of public picture then all of a sudden kaboom, Biti had already been in the dustbin now he sees it as an opportunity to feast on the scraps falling from the high table

  • thambo

    l note that Roman Catholic was present through Father Mukonori, it seems to come in when things become critical in the political arena e.g during the war of liberation they were there, during gugura they came in even springing into action and confronting the situation . The Priests can do wonders, as long as they are taking part our safety is guaranteed. They are not armed but armed with the word of the almighty

    • Question Mark?

      Since when have jesuit priests been armed by the word of the Almighty Lord?