Zanu-PF intensifies door-to-door campaigns

Marvelous Moyo Gwanda Correspondent
ZANU-PF Gwanda District has intensified its door-to-door campaigns as the party continues strengthening its structures. Addressing party members at Zanu-PF provincial offices in Gwanda town on Friday Matabeleland South Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Abedinico Ncube, said door-to-door campaigns were the way to go in consolidating the party.

Cde Ncube said this while welcoming former MDC-T member of the mobilising committee, Dingilizwe Zondo, who defected to Zanu-PF.

“We’re happy to see people from the opposition parties coming to join Zanu-PF. From here, we’re going to intensify door-to-door campaigns so that we maintain our strong stand in the district and throughout the province. We’re expecting more people from the opposition to join us. Many MDC members have approached me, indicating that they want to join Zanu-PF,” he said.

Cde Ncube, who is also Gwanda South Member of Parliament, said door-to-door campaigns would be an opportunity to enlighten people about the good work being carried out by the revolutionary party in the country. He said Zanu-PF’s doors were open to everyone interested in joining the party.

Cde Ncube said members of other parties willing to rejoin Zanu-PF should not hesitate to do so as unity was key for the development of the country.

“We want to strengthen our already powerful party to pave way for further development in the country. We want all those who are still in opposition politics to realise that they won’t benefit anything from the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai because they are just puppets of Western nations,” Cde Ncube said.

He encouraged party members to remain united and shun intra-party fighting that is synonymous with opposition parties. He urged party members to avoid gossiping as it promotes unnecessary divisions.

“We should not give the opposition parties any reason to celebrate. To frustrate the Western sponsored opposition parties, we need to remain united and rally behind our leader, President Mugabe,” Cde Ncube said.

Last month, former MDC-T councillor for Ward 11 in Gwanda District, Amon Nyathi and 75 other MDC-T supporters defected to Zanu-PF. The group said they realised that MDC-T had nothing to offer to the people, hence their defection to the revolutionary party.

Zondo, who is the organising secretary for the Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe, said: “I’m so impressed with the good work that Zanu-PF has done for our community which is the main reason why I’m here today. I regret the time I wasted with a useless party like MDC-T. I’m happy to be one of you. I feel pity for those who are still lost,” he said to applause.

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