Zanu-PF Midlands dumps 8 officials

Cde Tapiwa Matangaidze

Cde Tapiwa Matangaidze

Patrick Chitumba and Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Bureau—
ZANU-PF Midlands province has passed a vote of no confidence on Cdes July Moyo, Victor Matemadanda, Owen Mudha Ncube, Goodwill Shiri and Clarisse Mutambisi. The province, led by acting provincial chairman Cde Tapiwa Matangaidze, suspended the group on allegations of gross misconduct, running parallel structures, divisive conduct and promoting factionalism.

A vote of no confidence was also passed on other provincial executive members, the provincial spokesperson Cdes Cornelius Mpereri, Justice Mayor Wadyajena and a Cde Chigaba on the same allegations.

Cdes Matangaidze and Makhosini Hlongwane were the only provincial executive members who attended the meeting, which was supposed to be a Provincial Coordinating Committee on development.

The rest of the provincial executive members snubbed the meeting, whose date had been set at an earlier PCC meeting held in February. Other officials, including some members of the central committee and politburo from the province, elected instead to hold a rally in Mberengwa.

In a meeting held at Gweru Training Centre yesterday, under the auspices of PCC on development, Cde Matangaidze said that the parallel meeting held in Mberengwa was unsanctioned while the one in Gweru was on the party calendar adopted at the beginning of the year.

It was during the meeting that a Gweru councillor Tiripai Chipondeni interjected and moved a motion that a vote of no confidence be passed on the provincial secretary for security Cde Mudha Ncube, central committee member Cde Goodwill Shiri, the deputy secretary for administration in the politburo Cde July Moyo, the deputy provincial chair for the Women’s League Cde Clarisse Mutambisi and Victor Matemadanda, the war veterans association secretary general.

It was also recommended that the provincial executive endorses the vote of no confidence in Cdes Mpereri, Wadyajena and a Cde Chigaba. An estimated 3,000 people drawn from all the eight districts — including the chairpersons — attended the meeting.

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Jason Machaya gave an update on the food situation in the province, saying the government was mobilising maize to ensure no one goes hungry. At the end of the meeting, which one official said “morphed into an inter-district conference”, Cde Matangaidze read the resolutions.

Moyo, Ncube, Matemadanda and Shiri “stand accused of steering the province away from the national leadership”, he said, adding: “Further, they’re accused of deliberately undermining the authority and good standing of the First Family (President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Cde Grace Mugabe).

“They’re accused of patently promoting the factional Lacoste outfit at the expense of the party.” He said the matter would be taken to the commissariat which can refer it to the national disciplinary committee.

Cde Mpereri confirmed that the other provincial executive members were in Mberengwa where they had an outreach meeting together with central committee members. He dismissed the votes on no confidence as null and void.

“We’re in Mberengwa and the meeting was successful. Those dismissals are null and void,” he said. The provincial deputy chairman Cde Daniel McKenzie Ncube dismissed the vote of no confidence saying it was mere mob rule where the members that constitute both the provincial executive and the coordinating committee were not present.

Cde McKenzie said it was a counter-offensive strategy by Cdes Matangaidze and Hlongwane after they were both given a vote of no confidence.

“My understanding is that the majority of the provincial members went to Mberengwa for an outreach meeting. Cde Matangaidze and Cde Hlongwane were both given a vote of no confidence and I don’t know what they’re trying to do.

“Some of the people who attended the meeting were formally members of the ‘Gamatox cabal’ (supporters of former Vice President Joice Mujuru who was expelled in 2014). People who attended the meeting have no capacity and authority to pass a vote of no confidence on anyone,” he said.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Pass, pass……..

  • Team Amai President (Thandiwe)

    Team Lacoste is dying. There is only one winning team in ZANU-PF, Team Amai President – the President and Amai, the First Family, as a team.

    If you are not on this team you are out in the cold.

    • Zuze


    • Zuze

      You are all out in the cold stutha

    • my zanupf

      you are mad very mad uya pana first tisangane tikumamise like now. team team amai kudii what kuhini lokhu, rubbish, pamberi naMUNANGAGWA. SOON MUGABE IS DYING COZ IS OLD. TEAM G40 YOSE KUMINDA, NAMAPURAZI IWAYO TICHAATORA. NEXT UMWE MUHOTEL DEAD

  • Never Maswerasei

    Tinhai dzirwe zviparare nekukurumidza, G40 murikugona stereki rambai makadaro.



  • Tshayekanda

    Crocodiles are always up to shit…whither team lacoste

  • Tshayekanda

    Team lacoste vs Team Amai…..0 : 12. Musoro wegomo scored 6, amai 1 offside turned goal, kasukuuu 3, mahoka 3

    • my zanupf

      kutungamira kwetarakita, vana kasukuwere muchawachiswa mapent amainini, jona uchawacha matyt, mahoka uchaaina mapant kana kasukuwere apedza kuwacha, chombo dhongi

  • my zanupf

    kuti justice mayor ndokuti nembudzia gokwe . MUKAMUBVISA UKO TOKAVIRA BHORA MUDONDO STRAIGHT

  • Kuta Kinte

    I have been very quiet as far as this line of action is concerned. The beloved party is continuously facilitating its demise. This animal called – the vote of no confidence has become a very dangerous and vicious virus. Mhuri yapera nekarukonye kanonzi vote of no confidence. Please my beloved party, see reason by quickly banning this vote of no confidence practice. Do not allow yourselves to be used by the enemy who thinks he can destroy you from within. You have more than enough brains to see that. There are some people who think they are so intelligent that they can destroy the party from within and you are allowing that. Please use your brains. Hatingaregi Party ichiwunduka tiripo. We have come from a very long way. Cry my beloved party.

    • Who’s fooling who

      KiKiKiKiK Stark raving mad. What so beloved about this useless party? kikikikiki Uhlanya sibili.

      • Kuta Kinte

        I love what I love and it is natural and obviously it means I also do not live what you love and let us stay like that. You can continue fooling yourself.

        • Who’s fooling who

          I don’t know about fooling myself??? I do know who’s been fooling who for 36 years. Anyhow as you rightly say you can love what you want.

  • Jay Mageba1


  • justsaying

    in the Gambia we say,if u dance with a crocodile be prepared for the music to stop