ZBC explains political adverts policy

Patrick Mavhure

Patrick Mavhure

Abigail Mawonde, Harare Bureau
THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation says it has allocated airtime to all participating political parties as stipulated by the law and warned it will forfeit airtime not utilised by political parties.

In a statement, ZBC chief executive officer Mr Patrick Mavhura said the national broadcaster had taken neccessary steps as prescribed by the Constitution.

“Following the proclamation of the harmonised elections on 30 May 2018 by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa which set elections for 30 July 2018, and the subsequent sitting of the nomination court on 14 June 2018, putting into motion the election period, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, ZBC has taken the necessary steps in accordance with the Constitution, the Electoral Act and the ZEC Media Coverage Regulations.”

Mr Mavhura added: “These steps are: Firstly, the national broadcaster is recording and broadcasting the three mandatory elections programmes namely; The Candidate, The Manifesto and The Discussion on both radio and television;

“Secondly, the ZBC News and Current Affairs Department has increased the daily coverage of various political parties activities which are broadcast on radio and television news bulletins.

“Thirdly, the Marketing Department has made a call out for political parties to submit their political advertisements.”

Mr Mavhura said the ZBC had since allocated airtime to all participating political parties.

“Accordingly, ZBC has since allocated airtime to all participating political parties as stipulated by the law.

“However, I would like to inform political parties who have not heeded the call to bring in their political advertisements that airtime which is not utilised will be forfeited.

“This means that there is no  banking of airtime as it does not accrue but is forfeited. Political parties will be given the remaining airtime by the time they request for it.”

He said political parties must declare their position on political advertisements.

“It is critical for political parties to declare their position on political advertisements so that the national broadcaster is made aware if they will take up their airtime, and when they will take it up.

“Failure to comply with this will result in the airtime being forfeited,” said Mr Mavhura.

Yesterday Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba said Zanu-PF was paying for political adverts  aired by ZBC but the MDC Alliance is failing to pay for the available political advertising space.

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  • ED i Horo

    keep your airtime we have twitter and watsapp

    • Public enemy

      Plus you can’t afford It bcz you guys are a broke as hell

  • Ghost AD

    ZBC policy is clear and transparent. Every candidate has a right to broadcast his ads.
    Only Chamisa is whining about that… Where is the money people donated to him?

    • Jones

      Gvnt also issued campaigning funds and chamisa went to Israel to pray kkkk gross mismanagement of funds frm an aspiring president.. .


    who watches Dead BC anywhereres

    • Legion

      It’s dead to you Becz You Don’t know it’s relevance but everyone else stil watch and finds it important

      • zibulo

        yet you have DSTV kkkk

  • bhuti moyo

    that’s great all the parties must have equal chances so that no party will say it wasn’t given the chance. we want a smart defeat. ED HAS MY VOTE

  • samas

    Let’s not forget that ZANU has gold mines, farms, industries you name it. Secondly when they gave MDC 1,8 million,how much did they give themselves. Those campaign vehicles which they bought ,were they worth 1,8million. Charamba’s story from yesterday made him look like he has a pea size brain. It’s like someone saying to poor people, “hambombozivi kuti sei muchidya nemuto wavhimbu yet isu tichitenga first grade nyama ku butcher”. That was an insult.You want to make it look like MDC was careless with the money YOU gave them. Honestly.?

    • Jones

      1. 8 ndeye gvnt and zanupf as a party has its own funds .. So don’t try to liken two diff Things

      • Doctor Do little

        Nonsense. They have stole their funds from the Tax payer. Do you know how much each of Mugabe’s entourage was paid when they went overseas? They we paid $1500 (US) per day. Many of them are still with us in the new dispensation.

        • takunda nigel

          Which taxpayer when you claim 99% unemployment ?

      • samas

        Exactly my,point. Zanu has got all the money and controlling all the funds. They can even use state funds or advertise for free. If all other parties had the same access,you wouldn’t be talking of broke parties. Secondly his going to Israel is justified. In developed countries opposition leaders even address the army.Only in Zimbabwe where its considered a taboo.

        • takunda nigel

          Are you suggesting MDC wants to be in power so it can appropriate state money to use as it puppetly likes ? If this is what you saying , well Udza vekwako vakubikire kapfuko .

    • takunda nigel

      MDC was not careless with the 1,8 from state . It was fraudilently received . Lucky that the High Court has since corrected the error .MDC caused the country a loss of at least 400 bn because of sanctions .How much did they get for that service to imperialist powers ? Mari ye USAID iripi ?Kutadza kana kutenga mucheka wekusungirira chiPOSTER pamusasa shuwa here ?

  • Tinokunda

    Mdc is broke , zbc please bear with them, it’s just an alliance of broke guys trying to survive…

    • takunda nigel

      Those guys are loaded . They have eventually brought USAID to its knees .How much outflow of money can achieve that – given the strength of USA financial knees ? They are not broke but too individualistic and criminally stingy .

  • Mumzee

    Thank you for bringing this To our attention,, so why were the Alliance members complaining that they are being sidelined on the coverage ,,

    • Obert mpofu

      Thy are attention seekers and noise makers…..its time that they mature

      • Mumzee

        Ofcz they seek attent byion Bcz they ar part of the media but then mdc Alliance shldnt hv make it seem like zbc is for free and just open to zanupfj

        • Doctor Do little

          ZBC has been free for Zanu pf for ages. If Zanu pf were paying that company would not be broke. Even Air Zimbabwe has been free hence that entity fell apart. Did they pay for NRZ coaches? No. When ever they wanted them the just called their people within that institution and basically commandeered the trains. We are all adults on this Platform and none of us are stupid.

          • takunda nigel

            Think nothing and do little .
            At least 62% come July 30 !

    • Kokerai chisvo

      U find kut mamwe maparties they never complain

  • Stonyeni

    Aaarg poor you guys,, atleast zbc is being constitutional and you won’t have to blame it fo your failures

  • Mukupe

    Broke joint confusion parties. They should stop acting like possesed people and start begging for more advetising money from people

    • April taffie

      Mmmmm vanhu havatorinawo mari dzacho if they dont afford they should just leave it

  • Essexvale

    What we aren’t being told is that such airtime is being sold in the form of exhorbitant ZBC advertising fees that most poorly funded opposition parties cannot afford. The “ruling” party however, is being given the lion’s share in advertising slots through state funding.

  • Sankara

    ???????????????? never vote for the poor or unable who ever he is the first thing they will do is to put their handrawn Palm into the government funds.

  • murenga

    Mdc alliance is a cry baby if they cant afford y kusvero konzera confusion and all let those who afford vaite

  • Flame

    Isu ve ZIPP we know we dont afford and hatinetsane nevanhu saka hatina basa nazvo chamisa just chill like us

  • Django Django

    ZBC is still that powerful? thought they said they will use twitter and other social media platforms to campaign for their parties….. they once said if their reforms are not met they will not be part and parcel of our elections and the next thing they said is they will continue to be part n parcel of elections….

    whats going within this party to the extent they are confused to this level