Zim to submit human rights report to UN

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent
THE government will by the end of June submit a report to the United Nations General Assembly Council on the human rights situation in the country.

Zimbabwe joined the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2011.

UPR is a human rights monitoring organ under the United Nations with 193 member states.

Addressing the media in Bulawayo on Wednesday last week, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Virginia Mabhiza, said the country would submit its report on human rights with expectations of being reviewed by other States.

“We’re supposed submit our national report to the UN General Council by June 30. As for the actual reporting, we’re going to be allocated a date sometime in September where we’re supposed to be peer-reviewed. This is where we’re going to get comments from various sectors including other countries as to what we need to do to improve our human rights situation,” said Mabhiza.

She said the country joined UPR in 2011 and 131 human rights issues were recommended to Zimbabwe.

“In 2011 we underwent the first cycle. It’s a peer review process whereby friendly countries take chances to comment on what they think we should try and do to improve human rights situation.

“In 2011 we went through the first cycle where we accepted 131 recommendations that they thought we should improve on,” she said.

Mabhiza said government, although facing various challenges, has made strides to improve human rights in the country.

She cited the adoption of the New Constitution as one of the ways the country has improved human rights as people can now take the government to the Constitutional Court for rights violations.

Mabhiza said the country’s formation of the Human Rights Commission, National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and Gender Commission was testimony that the government was making strides in improving human rights.

She said the country has done immense work in promoting socio-economic rights such as provision of health care services.

Mabhiza cited the indiscriminate provision of antiretroviral drugs to the country’s citizens’ and even inmates as one of the successes in promotion of socio-economic rights.

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  • makhanye

    the police should observe a person’s human rights, no to brutality, take all reports seriously,when the suspect is taking medication allow them to continue their medication and do not force the suspect to take medication on an empty stomach, observe human rights in your cells, the female suspects should have access to their sanitary wear

  • vusumuzi

    if Mabhiza says Zimbabwe has made “strides in human rights” where does it say Zimbabwe is coming from. Obviously she is saying the country had (still has) a bad Human Rights Record , as also evidenced in today’s paper where Mgabe says he can only be succedded by someone like him , meaning he has no SUCCESSOR!!!. Thats abuse of our rights, or maybe the UN Rights are different category alltogether

  • Ijaha le Maguswini Amnyama

    Make sure that you have produced that Dzamara fellow otherwise I don’t see the point