Zimra clocks $1.1bn Q1 revenue. . . Surpasses target by 8 percent

Mrs Willia Bonyongwe

Mrs Willia Bonyongwe

Prosper Ndlovu, Business Editor
THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has recorded $1.1 billion first quarter 2018 gross revenue collections, above target by 8 percent and higher than $862 million recorded in the same period last year.

The impressive performance is attributed to a combination of improved enforcement measures and stakeholder engagement initiatives, Zimra board chair, Mrs Willia Bonyongwe, said.

In a revenue performance report for the period issued yesterday, the board chair said more positive prospects await the country under the new political dispensation, which has ushered in improved economic reforms evidenced by growing investor confidence and strengthening of domestic production.

“Gross and net collections for the first quarter of 2018 surpassed the set targets and also improved from last year’s collections for the same period. Gross collections were 8.1 percent above the target of $1.029 billion, with collections amounting to $1.113 billion,” said Mrs Bonyongwe.

She said the positive trend was expected to accelerate in the second quarter of 2018, riding on enforcement measures being implemented by the tax authority, particularly the enhanced effective use of the automation programme. Mrs Bonyongwe said Zimra has embraced new business ethos in line with the new Government thrust of opening Zimbabwe for business by adopting robust revenue enhancement strategies, automation and the fight against corruption.

The tax collector recently increased stakeholder engagements with sector specific approaches and partnership educational initiatives. It has also come up with a whistle-blower facility, a hotline and lifestyle audits among other anti-corruption strategies. Other initiatives include risk-based audits and investigations as well as close monitoring and follow-ups on outstanding payments, electronic cargo tracking, fiscalisation, electronic service platforms and ASYCUDA system upgrade.

As such, Mrs Bonyongwe said net revenue collections improved by 27.9 percent to $1.058 million from $826 million realised in the first quarter of 2017. This was after refunds deductions of $55.19 million, which the board chair said were of major concern and said investigations were being undertaken to deal with the matter.

Refunds for the quarter consisted on VAT ($54.25 million), customs duty ($0.139 million) as well as rummage and other refunds valued at $0.80 million.

According to the report, major contributors to revenue were; excise duty at 21 percent, net VAT on local sales at 19 percent and individual tax at 18 percent.

“The positive revenue performance is attributed to the authority’s efforts in revenue enhancing projects and debt follow-ups, a resolute stance on corruption as well as increased use of electronic and mobile money in transacting,” said Mrs Bonyongwe.

She, however, said high debt continues to downplay the authority’s efforts with the year 2018 starting with a debt of $3.9 billion, which has since increased by 7.2 percent to $4.2 billion by March 31, 2018.

Overally, the report shows that all revenue heads recorded improved performance from the same period last year with significant increased growth recorded on withholding tax on contracts at 117.00 percent, excise duty at 55.25 percent, carbon tax 45.1 percent and VAT on imports at 43.95 percent.

“The intensive implementation of revenue enhancement measures by the authority, including the increased use of technology ensured stable revenue inflows and reduced revenue leakages,” said the board chair.

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  • Mzilikazi

    Why is this lady still acting as if she is the CG ..remember she was accused of mismanaging ZIMRA now ZIMRA has a bloated management structure 200 managers what on earth drawing cars and houses every 3 yrs whilst giving workers peanuts.She must Go .The board is useless it failed to recover 20 million looted in Pasi regime.. The board is corrupt ..i hope Ed will bring in capable people who will motivate staff and pay them well

    • Cde

      U a right why Bonyongwa wen we nw hv new CG for ZIMRA ..she talks of beating targets when she failed to pay workers bonus .The ZIMRA board must go just like Zinara one …there too much corruption and nepotism and tribalism..Are you serious ZIMRA has 200 managers ..Jobs for the boys ..was is Chinamasa doing busy glibd trotting wen ZIMRA is being run down by micromanagement..remember this guys donated bales of clothes to former first lady ..state revenue ..

      • general

        But comrades this lady brought sanity in ZIMRA remember she brought cargo tracking .etc ..i think she overstepped her mandate but she tried .she shld hv done more for the workers welfare..she is not the one who brought 200 managers they were brought by Pasi.i agree that the new CG is just a product of Pasi .female Pasi remember they worked together what new things can she bring that recycling the already old tired clueless managers ..Just wait and see She is left with 4yrs 9 Mnths ..we are counting ..ZIMRA needs new structure ..motivate the corrupt staff to steal less kkkkkk

        • Analyst

          I agree with you new structure required but all the old guard to go they are all too tainted. This should now ne reviewed

          • joshua negomo

            Agree l there shld be retrenchments like wats happening in govt those above 55 years shld go..management team trimmed …lets brimg New kids on the block

          • Zimra Employee

            Do women have to rely on being ‘attractive’ to find a life partner.

        • Zimra Boss

          It’s ok to tell a woman what her face looks like to you

      • Ex Zimra Boss

        A neighbour of mine is nine months pregnant with twins

  • joshua negomo

    These guys must follw Bob and go and farm i heard she terrorise workers even management becoz husband was CIO she terrorised Pasi ..now ZIMRA has a lot cio guys doing nothing . Some are managers ..Min Chinamasa must be serious ..200 managers for what really .But also the new CG was part of Pasi gravy train ..talk of recycling of people ..She will just be another Pasi now putting on dress.looters only ..we need new people in ZIMRA management..

    • Zimra Employee

      He is married and wants me to be sexually available for him.

  • Analyst

    The performance review has always been presented by the Chairman from Stanford Moyo, Dr Mandishona ETAL. You people just hate women leaders. This one has been very effective more than her predecessors. And why should she go just because her husband has left was she not hired on account of her capabilities. And for the record she has turned ZIMRA around. We should be commending her instead of attacking her. Dont stress if you read properly she said her term is coming to am end then you and other smugglers and thieves can rejoice once more and loot from ZIMRA.

    As for new CG you are so wrong she and other professionals were hounded out of ZIMRA by no other than Pasi.

    • joshua negomo

      Its a lie she was retrenched becoz she didnt meet the standards .Pasi could hv his faults but he was up to the tasks many of the projects were initiated by Pasi ..What new things can she bring wen u hv 200 managers ..did u know some managers hv staff compliment if 2 officers eg the Technical managers …and u giv that person a car and a house every 3 yrs ..this pure looting ..ZIMRA and Zinara shld be cleaned thoroughly and make them clean of corruption …ZIMRA has a lot of unnecessary structures ..built to loot..

      • Zimra Employee

        Many men would find it less threatening and easier to accept if the other person is a woman, and not another man.

  • Silosamabandla

    Zimra zimra zimra…. always boasting of having collected this much… that much… important question which you should start and be in the habit of telling Zimbabweans is HOW IS THE MONEY USED?????….

  • general

    Targets fo wat when nurses go on strike ..ZIMRA targets thats not news …giv us a break..So when you reached targets did u pay workers Bonus haaa..go hang looters …To Bonyongwa i say go well at least u tried ..But workers will not miss you.

    • The Undertaker

      She should have introduced herself as his future ex-wife.