A change in season signals a change in cocktails Dark and Stormy: This drink is not to be stirred. The rum should sit at the top of the glass and fall down naturally

THE change of seasons usually ushers in new weather, new wardrobes and new attitudes, as people are naturally ready for the upcoming changes.

Just like chefs who adapt their restaurant menus seasonally to take advantage of the freshest ingredient offerings, you too should consider introducing seasonal splendor into your cocktail mixing.

As we are reeling in the blazing hot summer season, with long days and short nights, natural ingredients such as berries are available at the snap of your fingers.

This is the time most berries come into season and are great ways to enhance your adult drinks.

At the same time, fresh herbs like mint, basil, cilantro and sage are also available. These ingredients add an element of ‘brightness’ to summer cocktails.

So spice up your cocktails with these ingredients that are both colourful and healthy.

When hanging out around the barbeque with friends or lounging at the pool side think about adding seasonal ingredients like ripe peaches, apricots, cherries and cucumber and your summer drinks can take on a whole new level of refreshing tastes.

The most interesting cocktails this season are sex on the beach, Mojitos and Piña Coladas.

When the temperatures drop, as do the leaves right along with them.

Winter brings holiday ingredients such as citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. These add a phenomenal and jazzy drink to your cocktail.

Most cocktails during the winter season feature fresh apples, pears and give off an amazing aroma and so does the taste.

During the season most people avoid drinks such as ciders and beer and prefer their drinks to be richer in flavour, thicker in body and served heated.

One such drink is the Hot Toddy, an Irish coffee with brandy being the main ingredient.

While there are not as many fresh ingredients to choose from during the winter, the season is a true cocktail lover’s.

When the blustery winds start blowing, that is the best time to break out the brown spirits, warm spices and even dried fruits. Whiskey, cinnamon and cranberries feature prominently in many winter cocktail recipes.

Holiday inspired flavours work for this season, like a Peppermint Martini, Hot Ginger Snap served with a rim of crushed gingerbread cookies.

The garnishes that include candy sticks, chocolate and whipped cream are crowd pleasers.

Gin is also a great winter spirit with an aromatic hint of juniper.

Remember excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health, drink in moderation. Pregnant women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy and the selling of alcohol to minors is prohibited.

If you have an establishment and think your drink has what it takes to be profiled, WhatsApp me on 0772337433. REMEMBER alcohol is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 and let’s not forget to drink responsibly.

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