Mbulelo Mpofu,[email protected]

Two years ago, the renowned Zimbabwean celebrity chef penned, “Chikafu” the first book of the culinary adventure series to cement his repertoire of his literary works as well as his popularity one of the finest chefs and authors in the precinct.

Such hunger to excel and teach has seen him pressing the foot on the pedal, introducing Chikafu 2024, the highly anticipated second book in his culinary adventure series.

The book, set to be unveiled on November 1 will see Ncube’s remarkable journey around the world where he has skillfully curated, collaborated, and created extraordinary dishes using freshly available organic local produce being brought to the fore.

With his innovative approach to cooking, Ncube has also ventured into utilising diverse delicacies and alternative proteins such as mopane worms, termites, bugs, among others to celebrate traditional gourmets.

He unveiled the window into what the book will contain.

“In ‘Chikafu 2024’, cooks will embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure, exploring 200 tantalising recipes and pairing them with 200 delightful drinks, leaving their taste buds begging for more. The book encompasses a wide range of delightful options, including traditional meals, mouthwatering vegetarian dishes, as well as locally-inspired remedies that utilise food as medicine.

The book is as a result of years of travel, exploration, and experimentation. It is a celebration of the diverse flavours that our planet has to offer. Through this book, I aim to inspire everyone to step out of their culinary comfort zones and embrace the brilliance that lies in combining local ingredients with unconventional elements,” said Ncube.

According to Ncube, this year’s Christmas will be special and the unveiling of the book in November is to give food lovers ample time to explore and master the recipes.

Ncube’s unique approach to cooking has gained him a significant following, with fans from all corners of the globe eagerly anticipating his latest work. His ability to seamlessly blend humour, innovation, and culinary expertise has established him as a household name in the culinary world, making Chikafu 2024 one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

The book comes with an innovative digital application that features an AI Recipe Request called Chef CJ and has wine pairings suggested using a 200 wine catalogue.

As readers flip each page, they will discover a wealth of knowledge, including tips, techniques, and suggestions on incorporating local and organic produce into their everyday cooking.

The book also highlights Ncube’s commitment to sustainability and his belief in the power of food as a unifying force. Ncube also hopes to feature people who have pre ordered the book in the “Thank you” section or acknowledgements pages of the book. -@MbuleloMpofu

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