I’m the best female rapper in the world – Awa Khiwe Awa Khiwe

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
THE rap game, irrespective of geographical location has been male-dominated but over the years, female emcees have made inroads with delectable lines of verse. One such rapper is France-based Awa Khiwe.

It is second nature to her to trill off reason and rhyme in rapid-fire delivery that has made the world sit up and listen.

No wonder, she considers herself as “the best female rapper in the world” and this comes after a flurry of online messages lauding her for her heroics in the hip-hop game.

Although she made it clear that she won’t be engaging artistes in collaborations this year as she prepares her debut album, Awa Khiwe, she says she might have to reconsider as many artistes have come calling.

On Awa Khiwe’s prowess, award-winning presenter and producer DJ Jazzy D said:

“This is the best female rapper in the world. This is Africa AWA KHIWE can we collab? I would love to hear you on a dance hall or reggaeton vibe. She is on another level.”

Awa Khiwe wasn’t holding back and subscribes to the notion that she is indeed the world’s best.

“I’m the best female rapper in the world and I am not the only one who is saying it. My works speak for themselves,” she said.

Nicki Minaj

Findings from a survey conducted by MusicStar last month showed that America boasts of talented female rappers with Iggy Azalea topping the rankings while fellow Americans, Nicki Minaj, and Doja Cat placed third and fourth respectively.

Chronicle Showbiz takes a look at some of the milestones that the “Ngeke bengimele” hitmaker has achieved over the years.

She became the first female hip-hop artiste to clinch the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) Outstanding Hip Hop artiste award last year.

Awa Khiwe has been a perennial figure in the flagship hip-hop excellence award ceremony, Zim Hip Hop Awards (ZHHA) with both nominations and awards to her name.

Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards

In 2015, she was nominated for Best Underground Hip Hop artiste and the following year, she won Best female Hip Hop artiste as well as the Best Diaspora Award at the ZHHA.

Among her plethora of collaborations, the one where she is featured on Berlin-based dancehall and hip-hop musician, Peter Fox’s remade song, +which premiered last year, stands out.

Noisey Raps also published a documentary about Awa Khiwe (Zimbabwe’s Rap Queen) which won The Best Inspirational Film Award at the R.I.F.A in the U.K. The documentary was also nominated for a Women’s Rights in Africa Award.

She is a member of the all-female band (GRRRL) which performed at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Is “The Village Girl” biting off more than she can chew or she has a strong case cementing her career as one of the best Zimbabwean exports to the world? — @MbuleloMpofu

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