Liquid Home to launch 5G network Mr Wellington Makamure

Harare Bureau

LIQUID Home Zimbabwe – formerly ZOL Zimbabwe, intends to launch 5G network service soon, as part of its expansion programme amid growing demand for advanced digital technologies.

Demand for fast connectivity has been on the increase as businesses adopted remote working in addition to the growing prevalence of home schooling necessitated by Covid-19.

Zimbabwe is among the first African countries to launch 5G technology together with the likes of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Botswana.

The 5G network has capabilities to support millions of devices at ultra-fast speeds and potential to transform global economies by improving accessibility, extending reach of mobile broadband, while supporting critical sectors such as health, financial, education services sectors as well as manufacturing.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies regional chief executive officer Southern Africa, Mr Wellington Makamure told journalists recently that this was also in line with its objectives of providing efficient and reliable connectivity at a time the country is adopting digitalisation, whose adoption has been accelerated by challenges presented by Covid-19 pandemic.

“Right now, we have already made our application, it is with the regulator. As Liquid, we will continue to bring affordable and efficient service to the market,” he said on the sidelines of the launch of the newly branded Liquid Home.

The connectivity giant, last week rebranded to Liquid Home Zimbabwe from ZOL Zimbabwe to align the business with its parent brand – Liquid Intelligent Technologies, which is a business of Cassava Technologies.

In line with growing demand for connectivity, Liquid Home has also added a further 60 LTE base stations across the country.

Commenting on the rebranding, Mr Makamure said: “The rebrand is to ensure the consolidation of Liquid’s consumer offering so we are identified as a single brand, under one name. The new brand identity will ensure streamlined service delivery and assure our customers of our continued commitment to offer uninterrupted internet services straight to their homes.

“As we rebrand, we will continue to offer our customers world-class products and services through our fast and reliable network, and at the same time, our operations are moving to the next level.

“It also empowers us to play a leading role in the digital transformation of Zimbabwe, helping its advancement both socially and economically.”

Since its acquisition in 2012 by Liquid, ZOL has increased its reach aided by the support and backbone infrastructure from the parent brand.

In the past decade, Liquid Home celebrated many milestones, including fast connectivity through FibroniX and WibroniX products in addition to rolling out 422 Wi-Fi access points across the country.

These were known a s ZOL Spots, but now known a s Liquid Home Spot s following the rebranding. The firm also launched a host of services including broadband, email services, webhosting, VoIP, LAN, and Wi- Fi setup.





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