Local actor eyes Hollywood roles

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Local actor eyes Hollywood roles Tanaka Munyavhi

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
IF you are into local film and watch ZTN Prime on Mondays’ prime time, you have probably seen Tanaka Munyavhi on Intabenkulu.

Munyavhi thinks his roles in local productions are just a precursor to the bigger picture, a role in the globe’s biggest motion picture industry, Hollywood.

Munyavhi (21) has appeared on Mudiwa WepaMoyo, Amanxeba, Love Lies and Intabenkulu and sees himself rubbing shoulders with his icons, Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

In ZTN Prime’s Intabenkulu, Munyavhi plays Shovo, a teenage gangster.

“Since I started my career in acting, it has been a dream to meet Denzel Washington and Will Smith and I think I’m on the right path.

“I started acting at Msiteli High School when I was in Form 3. I was discovered by my mentor Ronald Madodana Sigeca and since then, I have never looked back,” he said.

Commenting on what the film sector has taught him over the years, especially his role in Amanxeba where he plays Fezile, a seer and traditional healer in training, Munyavhi said it all has been a pleasure.

“It (working on Amanxeba) has been a learning curve for me where I have been exploring some of the stuff and finding the inner voice in me.

“Also, it was a pleasure working with esteemed people such as Percy Soko and also trying to connect with the spiritual realm of the character that I play,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Theatre Academy graduate has also done some theatrical plays including ‘The eye in the sand’ by Nonkanyiso Mabaleka, ‘Balagwe is burning’ by Desire Moyoxide, ‘Maimbodei’ by Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi and ‘Take by The Art of Health.’

A lot of creatives describe their career paths as dreams that they pursue but Munyavhi believes that his acting career is a spiritual calling.

“To me, acting is a calling. It is spiritual. I am called for this and if it means that I die for It, then, let it be so.

“My life was and still isn’t easy because it’s hard to convince your father that this is what I love.

“I used to sleep outside and on the streets so, it’s a war zone. l live in two worlds, the land of the living and the land of the dead,” added Munyavhi.

The Mpopoma resident has been a rolling stone, gliding throughout the country, and answering calls where his acting talent is on demand.

If he makes it to Hollywood, he will join a distinct class of Zimbabweans who have been involved in major Hollywood productions.

These include Danai Gurira, Tongayi Chirisa and Thandi Newton. – Follow on Twitter @eMKlass_49

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