Meet Zimbabwe’s Mzekezeke, Ndlov’enkulu Ndlov’enkulu

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter

THE past two months have been quite fascinating in the music industry as a new player who is out to push artistes to up their game, emerged.

Going by the name Ndlov’enkulu (real name Ndlov’enkulu Ndlovu), the artiste introduced himself to the streets with diss tracks targeted at local hip-hop artistes in Bulawayo, whom he termed “lame and weak”.

Inspired by Mzekezeke by hiding behind the mask and staying anonymous, Ndlov’enkulu is now known for his trademark costume where he will be clad in a mask that resembles an elephant and a hammer.

For some, he is seen as a rap bully, but according to him, he is a wounded artiste because of the reluctance of his fellows in taking up opportunities for growth.

“A number of artistes have come out guns blazing accusing me of denigrating them, but honestly, that’s not my motive. My aim is to help them see their power and the need for growth and success. Imagine a whole artiste who last posted on their social media six months ago and they expect their career to flourish in this new normal, that’s impossible,” said Ndlov’enkulu.

Ndlov’enkulu said it is his wish that fellow creatives take his work as constructive criticism, which they should pay attention to.

The “feared” artiste recently dropped his debut EP that has six tracks, Ngabolamathumbu featuring Mphathisi, Bulawayo featuring Basotho, Lami ngyakuthanda featuring Blue Rose, Ivumil’imali featuring Mjikelwa, lzitha zami featuring Mphathisi and Singama Africa featuring Mphathisi. Listening to the tracks shows the artistes’ flow and rhymes are inspired by Inkabi Nation frontman, Big Zulu.

– @mthabisi_mthire

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