Nonduduzo Ncube on writing and acting career Nonduduzo Ncube

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

LATELY, the country’s broadcasting landscape was changed with the introduction of new television stations and with it, new films and characters.

One of the characters who jumped up at the prospect of multi-tasking as a creative was Nonduduzo Ncube who stars in 3Ktv’s series, “Usendo” as Shami.

Nonduduzo Ncube

Ncube’s first love has always been authorship and she told Chronicle Showbiz that it helped her cope during difficult times.

“Writing has always been a part of me. It has been my passion although I did it as a hobby and never really shared my work until 2020 when I started to publish my works. Growing up, I never knew that I was going to be a writer. I developed this interest just a few years back.

“Through it, I have been able to canvass through dark days with my head held up high. My life experiences as a young mother served as motivation and writing was the best way to express my thoughts,” she said.

To date, Ncube has published three books, two of them in IsiNdebele and the other in English.
The writer said her mission is to unravel and discuss topical issues.

“I am particularly passionate about writing stories which not only entertain but also educate and raise awareness. I focus on issues which are considered taboo in our society and are swept under the carpet yet they are important, “ she added.

Her first novel, “Umhlaba Ungihlanekele” (The world has turned against me) is based on her life experiences.

It is commonplace to have writers being actively involved in film through adaptations to other formats and Ncube sees herself as a self-publisher soon.

“In this industry, one gets to learn new things daily and even though I have gained some experience in story-telling, it is still an intimidating task for me. I see myself as a renowned self-published author in the near future.

I would really want to explore more,” she said.
She started acting this year and her role in Usendo has been “refreshing, something new and out of my comfort zone.” – @eMKlass_49

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