Prayer session ends in tragedy as man falls into Zambezi River Zambezi River

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
A 29-YEAR-OLD Victoria Falls man cheated death after he fell off a gorge into the Zambezi River before a boulder landed on him crushing both legs.

The incident happened on Thursday last week.

Chronicle was told that Mr Elmon Muleya slipped from the cliff top where he and other members of the Twelve Apostles Church were praying and rolled down the gorge before being caught in tree branches inches above water on the flooded Zambezi River.

The rock on which he slipped allegedly rolled behind him and landed on him crushing both legs, but he remained stuck on the branches.

Church members risked their lives as they clung onto trees and rocks to reach down to Mr Muleya to rescue him before he could fall into the water.

They took him to Victoria Falls Hospital where he was admitted but told to go to a specialist doctor in Bulawayo as the legs were badly damaged.

The victim’s brother Mr Wallace Muleya said the family is struggling to raise US$500 needed for him to be attended to by a specialist doctor in Bulawayo. He said the family was helped by the Twelve Apostles Church members to raise RTGS$3 500 for an ambulance from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo.

“He has to go to a specialist so that they insert a metal rod into his legs. In Victoria Falls, they just put a plaster to balance the legs but he is in deep pain. So far, we have managed to raise US$300 out of the US$500 required for him to be attended by a private doctor in Bulawayo and we appeal to well-wishers to help as this incident came at a time when we are not working because of the lockdown.

“We all know the situation in hospitals and he might spend more time than we think and this will mean more money needed before we could even buy medication and other expenses,” said Wallace.

He said the ambulance left Victoria Falls for Bulawayo on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Christopher Mufakwatsi, a Mkhosana suburb resident whose car was used to take Mr Muleya from the gorges to hospital said the place where the incident occurred is a common shrine, better known as inhlane for apostolic and Zionist sects in Victoria Falls. — @ncubeleon

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