Premiere alert: ‘Tears of A Daughter’ tackles gender-based violence and more Tears of A Daughter poster

Sipepisiwe Moyo, [email protected]

THE film ‘Tears of A Daughter’ is set to premiere at Alliance Francaise (located at 61 Heyman Rd, Suburbs in Bulawayo) next week Wednesday.

This is a film directed by Linos Tapera, a multi-talented artist who is best known as a screenplay writer for award-winning films and is also an actor and musician.

Tears of a Daughter is a film that explores themes of gender-based violence, and betrayal of trust among others. In a statement, the director Linos Tapera had this to say about the film: “In the movie, we follow a story of a young talented lady named Buhle, who is in the art industry and is being exploited. On the other hand, her mother is a victim of physical abuse.

“Buhle is in the process of breaking free and telling her story through singing. The film also reveals the issue of lack of jobs in the country through the character of Zolani who has studied law but fails to secure employment.

“However, the film advocates for the girl child in the community advocating for her protection and to be allowed to achieve her desires.”

“It is also important to note that the film Tears of a Daughter shows the consequences of trusting someone you do not know in business or anywhere in life through the issue of human trafficking.

“Over some years, a lot of young girls disappeared through human trafficking only because they thought the people they were dealing with were genuine.”

Another important theme pointed out in the film Tears of a Daughter, is that women should come together to help each other shine and protect one another through hard times,” stated Linos.



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