WATCH: Poet mourns Cont Mhlanga through poem Onesimo Ngcotsha

Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

MULTI-talented gospel singer, actor, author and poet Onesimo Ngcotsha has penned a poem mourning the late arts guru Cont Mhlanga.

Ngcotsha said the death of Mhlanga left a void in his heart hence he poured out his grieve through the poem.

Mhlanga impacted the lives of many artistes and creatives in the arts industry hence his passing was deeply felt by many.

“I was told that Khulu Mhlanga wanted a poet that is going to do poems in isiNdebele, so when I went to see him instead of interviewing me, he told me what he wanted from me. This is not what I had expected. I expected to be grilled. When I told him that I can do that he was impressed and said to me go to the studio.

“After three days of being on air, he asked me where I was hiding all this time. Those words even today still drive me to be a better poet and to be positive in my life. I was the first poet to ever grace Skyz metro FM when it went on air.

“I am a poet who grew up on his own so hearing such words meant a lot to me. Khulu Mhlanga saw positivity in everyone, he tried by all means to motivate people to be the best that they can, he saw positivity in everyone. He used to say come out of your comfort zone and do what you do and make sure that you benefit from it.

“He used to say art is a business not a hobby. Because he gave me that platform, I have grown to be a presenter, and an MC. He taught me to invest in what I do so that people will see the value in it and pay for that value so that it feeds me. That’s the mentality that he impacted on me,” said Ngcotsha.

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