Wavuma live experience goes on One Gospel channel

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Wavuma live experience goes on One Gospel channel Pastor Barak

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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter

Pastor Barak’s live concert on Saturday night was a great success as people had a chance to mingle with him physically and later that night, his international fans were able to watch the premiere of the Wavuma video on DStv’s One Gospel (Channel 331).

The Wavuma Experience brought life to the City of Kings and Queens Bulawayo Theatre as an experience of hearing the voice of God in the melodious anointed vocalist Pastor Barak was the order of the night.

Fully packed to the brim, the audience felt connected to the show as they screamed and gave Pastor Barak a standing ovation when he entered the stage. Hosted by Malume Densen and Mzukulu Brighton Mozeh, up-and-coming musician Minister VaMoyo was the first to warm up the stage followed by Vocal Ex which was the supporting group.

Pastor Barak’s time on stage came and he shone with sing-along songs that included Umkhuleko unamandla. Softly and persuasively, he implored his fans to pray, as prayer has power.

The backing vocalists who included Pastor Barak’s wife electrified the theatre to a typical atmosphere of a congregation in any church. The spirit of togetherness and enjoyment, miraculously made the Wavuma Experience unique in that one appreciated that the good, as well as the bad in our lives, are all according to His will.

The “Wavuma” track proved to tell a story about Pastor Barak’s life journey and testimony.

Said Pastor Barak: “We all experience our different challenges in life, but God always remains faithful to his promises. When God says “Yes” (Wavuma) no man can resist it.

“Indeed the evening of June 25 was chilly, but the Wavuma Experience reconnected the crowd to God and heralded Wavuma official video to join Famba Na Jesu on the One Gospel DStv channel.

“It was a night to remember and I thank my fans that came and supported me. I promise another sizzling CD and may God’s grace inspire those who listen to my music and thumbs up to the organisers as a team,” said Pastor Barak. – @mthabisi_mthire





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