All set for Mat South investment indaba

Cde Abednico Ncube

Cde Abednico Ncube

Business Reporter
ALL is set for the high-level Matabeleland South business and investment conference to be held in Gwanda this Wednesday.

The Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic would host the event, which will run under the theme “Matabeleland South- Zimbabwe’s Gateway to Global Commerce”.

Key speakers would include Matabeleland South Provincial Minister of State, Abedinico Ncube, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor, Dr Kupukile Mlambo, senior officials from the Infrastructure Development Bank (IDBZ) and the Zimbabwe Investment Authority.

Delegates would use the platform to engage on a number of business and economic topics and come up with strategies of tapping investment opportunities in the province’s diverse sectors. The gathering buttresses the country’s efforts to lure investment in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa mantra that “Zimbabwe is Open for Business”.

Matabeleland South would seek to use the conference to showcase its investment opportunities and encourage robust development of public private partnership.

Scores of local businesspeople, financial institutions, senior Government officials, rural economic development experts and others from across the country are expected to attend. Experts from the business and investment community will also discuss emerging trends, business opportunities and capitalisation models.

According to the programme, there would be cluster discussions on infrastructure development chaired by Engineer Givemore Kufa from Zinara, agriculture and lands chaired by Arda board chair, Mr Basil Nyabadza and mining and energy chaired by Mr Richard Mubaiwa from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority. Other clusters are the Information Communication Technology, commerce and social services.

The programme will also see presentations from UNDP and Metbank as well as embassies. The hosting of the conference comes after a series of visits to the Sadc region and international community by President Mnangagwa to declare Zimbabwe’s openness for business.

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  • zibulo

    Waste of time and state funds, another holiday , expenses paid, in a cash strapped society/country !!. As long as locals are not informed and asked to participate on a local agendae, not one outsiders come with , then its not a Matebeleland Inv meeting , when outsiders only come it only peperpetuates inequality of locals on the pretext of “job creation” earning 2 bhobho !!. Availability of , and equal access to Cash/Funding and “indigenizing investment are the keys to regional development, be it anywhere in the country. This Ncube MP is only a ZANU nicompoop , locals must be given by Government , resources to start local business, ZANU has failed , it fools our educated illiterate people and promotes poverty of locals . I bet you ,like all other nonsesical activities, there will be no returns from this meeting. 200 000 jobs remember .ZANU !!