9 September - Pattern And Style

Yoliswa Dube

I WAS driving home the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes just as I parked outside our gate.

From my rear view mirror, I could see a guy and a girl — they looked cosy and I concluded in my mind they were probably a couple.

It’s how the girl was dressed that I couldn’t get over. It was around 5PM and she had a towel wrapped around her waist, she wore an old light brown pair of pantyhose on her head and a clumsy white T-shirt.

I sat in the car for an extra minute as I got over the shock but before long, I was asking myself 21 questions as they walked down the road together. Where on earth was she going dressed like she just woke up? Had she even taken a bath? If she had, why was she still in her towel and sleep headgear at 5PM and strutting the streets like it’s nothing?

Was that her boyfriend and if it was, wouldn’t she like for him to see her dressed in some decent clothes with her hair combed?

Here I was asking myself all these questions with no one to answer them. I watched in awe as they slowly walked down the road but purposed in my heart to never be the woman who gets out of the house let alone the yard after 12 noon still in my nighties and sleeping head gear.

I’ve seen in some neighbourhoods, women walking all the way to the shops to buy bread and milk in their nighties and I’ve often wondered how a woman who loves herself can do this. Some often say, “It’s just the shops, what’s the big deal?” Yes, they’re just shops but you have a reputation to maintain.

Imagine the people you might just meet while you’re out there with a stocking on your head.

With some women, they may not necessarily get out of the yard in their nighties but they keep them on for way too long. At 2PM visitors come to your house and find you still in your pyjamas! Unless you’re sick and bedridden, there’s no excuse for you to still be in your nighties after 10AM and you still haven’t taken a bath.

Taking a bath and getting into a decent set of clothes should be one of the first things you do even when you have nowhere to go. I remember when we were kids, taking a bath was such an occasion you wouldn’t bath unless you were going somewhere.

My brother and I played outside a lot and wouldn’t get into the house unless our mother summoned us to eat or to take a bath. If bath time came up before 4.30PM, we would need to know why we were bathing. There must have been a destination requiring us to wear “town clothes” if we had to bath during the day on a school holiday.

This should never be you. A grown woman who loves herself will always make sure she’s cleaned up and well put together even if she’s got nowhere to go.

Your spouse can’t even tell you you stink and need to take a shower because they love you too much and don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Save them the hassle and do the right thing. Even when you’ve showered, being at home doesn’t give you the ticket to dress anyhow. Of course you won’t wear your Steve Madden heels and Levi’s jeans but do pick a decent set of clothes — nothing with holes or unsightly for anyone who might visit you. I know you’ll be at home and want to feel comfortable but comfort doesn’t mean you wear trash.

Invest in pretty “home” clothes like cotton T-shirts, shorts and airy dresses that will let you live. They’ll be comfortable and roomy but also give you that fresh “chillas” look when you get unexpected visitors. Nothing is as embarrassing as needing to shower or get a change of clothes while your visitors sit in the lounge waiting for you.

Imagine that untamed hair being what someone experiences when they come to visit you. Surely, slay queens also keep it on a style low when they’re at home.

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