United Bulawayo Hospitals patient kills self by jumping off building


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A FEMALE patient who was admitted at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) died after she allegedly threw herself out through a window of the facility’s third floor on Monday.

Nolini Sibanda (37) becomes the second woman to throw herself to death at the hospital in the last three years.

In 2014, a 20-year-old new mother allegedly killed herself days after giving birth by leaping out of a second floor window at the hospital’s maternity ward.

UBH clinical director Dr Narcisius Dzvanga yesterday confirmed the latest suicide.

He said the hospital has handed the case to police for investigation.

“I can only confirm that it happened but I won’t comment further as the matter is under the investigation by law enforcement agents. Her relatives have not even come to my office to discuss it,” said Dr Dzvanga.

He said the hospital was puzzled about how Sibanda committed suicide.

“We don’t know how she managed to do it. We have burglar bars which are still intact. The police are looking into the matter,” he said.

Sources at the hospital said Sibanda had visible uneasiness before disappearing, and apparently throwing herself to the ground.

“She was walking up and down in the ground floor of the building near the benches making noise for other patients.

“She disappeared and one of the hospital superintendents ordered a student nurse to look for her. The nurse found her lying in a pool of blood,” said the source.

“She was not dead but died later from the injuries sustained.”

The source said it became clear that Sibanda had leapt from the third floor as window panes were broken in that area.

The Chronicle could not confirm what she had been admitted at the hospital for, but sources said she was hospitalised with severe head injuries.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the sudden death.

She however referred questions to the hospital.

— @nqotshili

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  • AbaseLowerGwelo

    Then the headline is wrong. It must read : woman dies under unclear circumstances in hospital. This whole story makes it unfair to her, what if some1 attacked her and staged the scene? The hospital is trying to cover up it’s lack of security/caring about patients by ruling a matter a suicide. To make matters worse the relate it to something that happened 2 years back!!!!!!!!! Pathetic!!!!! How does someone squeeze through burglar bars??? Heads must roll hear. The impact must tell whether she fell from 3rd floor or was just put down by some1. Also Mr Editor what happened to investigate journalism? Please do not pen senseless stories.

  • Huslter NKanyiso

    Disappointing journalism

  • theza

    may be she was being disturbed by the medication leading her to feel uneasines

  • Ghost of Sparta

    Plenty of people are suffering from mental illness because of this stressful country.

    • Doctor Do little

      You are correct in that. Many keep on avoiding the problem. We are a nation in denial. Zimbabwe over the past half a century has gone through several situations that can cause such a high Mental population. What therapeutic or sanative measures were put in place after a war that affected most rural places in the country? None that I know of. In Matabeleland and the Midlands the situation that occurred there in the 80′s affected little kids who saw things that they should never have. What sanative measures were taken then? A few years of peace and prosperity and then the economy crumbles and people lose jobs in a country that has little or no welfare services what sanitive measures are taken now? If we identify the problem and arrest the symptoms we can be that little bit safer. We will now evolve culturally as a friendly people and move in the way of some first world countries where you don’t dare speak to anyone just in case they are mentally challenged.

  • TsopTopsStopSpotOptsPotsPost!

    hawu Nqosto ubusulobuthongo yini!?

    • Dunderhead

      I guess it has been a depressing month for Chronicle reporters, having to narrate all the gory details of various murders committed in the last few weeks.

  • 1975

    Negligence Negligence Negligence by the hospital officials from the director going down to the nurses on duty. the hospital staff (all of them) should be brought to book. They are all in breach of their oath. They need to be sued period. The next of kin of the deceased should simply look for a good law firm and sue the living day lights out the hospital and staff jointly and severally. Many doctors in zimbabwe have killed alot of people through negligence and none are ever brought to book. The police should arrest the director of that hospital and all the officials that were on duty because they are guilty. The journalist of this story delivered a poorly investigated article. The heading should be Negligence by hospital staff results in another death.