Wicknell deposits Baba Tencen’s R100,000

Baba Tencen

Baba Tencen

Showbiz Reporter
Young businessman, Wicknell Chivayo yesterday honoured his promise and deposited R100,000 into Baba Tencen’s bank account.

This is after he openly declared that Baba Tencen, an Internet sensation-cum-comedian who is on record for boasting that he gets paid for relaxing in South Africa, was his favourite celebrity.

“I really like this Baba Tencen guy. . . He’s the only sensible comedian we have in Zimbabwe. Please tell him Sir wants a picture with you and wants to have lunch with you.

“As my number one celebrity, I’m ready and willing to pay him R100,000 in hard cash the day I meet him or transfer it into his South African account,” Wicknell posted on his Facebook page last week.

And yesterday, endorsing the fact that Baba Tencen of the Kuripwa Kugara video clip fame gets paid for nothing, Wicknell, who is in America on business silenced critics by depositing the R100,000.

“I’m still in the US for a while so I decided not to keep Baba Tencen waiting. He deserves his gratuity for making me laugh all the time.

Thank you Baba Tencen. Hapana Zvavangatiite.  Best wishes from Sir.”

Sir Wicknell

Sir Wicknell

To confirm the payment, Wicknell posted screenshots of the transaction processed through an FNB account deposited to Pepukai Zvemhari.

Speaking from his Pretoria base, Baba Tencen confirmed that he had received the money.

“I’m so happy,” he said before referring further questions to his manager.

Baba Tencen rose to fame a few years ago after the release of a clip – Kuripwa Kugara in which he bragged that life in South Africa was all rosy as he was paid for sitting all day long, guarding his employer – Forever Resort’s premises in Pretoria. Ever since, he has been recording three to four minute video clips which have been received well by members of the public.

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  • gilbert

    the guy would do well by depositing that kind of money at UBH or Mpilo hospitals. the situation is very bad at these institutions

    • MakhosiXamu

      The rich do not care about issues of importance , maybe you have never realised.

      • Zololo

        Gud mfana Jo ilomsoco lento oyikhulume lapha

    • World Citizen

      Wena when did you deposit $20 dollars to UBH or Mpilo hospital? Busy seeing the speck while you have a log in your own eye huh. Let Wicknell give money to this guy

  • Come Election 2018

    Show off

    • highly skilled in observation

      A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Truth

    uzabhadala ngezibunu baba tensen kkkk awazi

  • taffy

    Sir i have a small project. maputi akudiwa ku america especially aye
    akazanganiswa ne nzungu, so i need capital yekugadzira maputi iwayo and
    shipping them,

  • my zanupf


  • nhamodzenyika

    Maybe he can visit a dentist now.

  • Polly

    Akeliyeke umona,umuntu usebenzisa imali yakhe the way they see fit,if giving away his money to whoever for whatever is his way of spending,so be it,#UMONAMUSTFALL.

  • Sir

    Sounds like the shown is reporter is on the payroll too.

    Just saying.