Wicknell marries

Sir Wicknell and Sonja Madzikanda

Sir Wicknell and Sonja Madzikanda

CONTROVERSIAL businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo — more popularly known as Sir Wicknell — has paid lobola (bride price) for fiancée, Sonja Madzikanda, on Saturday, according to a post on his Facebook page.

This comes after a social media post Thursday, where Chivayo boasted that he would be disappointed if his in-laws charged him less than $50 000 for lobola.

Although he has previously expressed disdain for Zimbabwean women, the Harare-based Madzikanda has apparently stolen his heart.

According to close sources, she is an accountant at a city firm located close to where Chivayo’s Mercedes Benz got clamped last month.

His fiancée’s father, David Madzikanda works at the University of Zimbabwe’s School of Commerce while her mother, Tabitha, is a manager with FBC bank. The family lives in Chisipite.

Without giving out whether he was made to pay more than $50 000 as per his desire, Chivayo described the day as best in history.

“Till death do us apart. A good woman is the greatest thing a man can have in his life. Glory be to God in the highest. Thanks to you my Facebook followers, your strong criticism and comments always give me strength to make good decisions like this’” posted Chivayo.

“My roora (bride price) function was the best in history (credit to my amazing in-laws and brand new wife ) This is why I chose the Peter House and University of Edinburgh class, with my Unit M Seke background where and how would I have ever planned this? I hope to invite you all of you (sic) to my big wedding soon. We give thanks and praise,” read his posts.” — Showbiz Correspondent/New Zimbabwe

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  • Dr. Cetshwayo

    Siyakubongela muntu ophaphayo uze wamuthola umfazi nja yami

  • Vumani

    The things women do for the love of money, that smelly morbidly obese elephant

    • Josephine

      Eish, sounds like you are full of hate ! You sound like a very vindictive person . You should keep your thoughts to yourself before they come right back at you -

      • Asa

        kkkkkkkkk, is she able to lift that elephant?

  • QB

    Marrying is not a big deal but maintenance is. Character is the maintainer of marriage not money. If he hasn’t dealt with his character he is just joking.

  • Mabhuqa

    Uzomenzani umfazi, stabanendini?

    • Zwambile

      Wenake umyenzani umfazi? The man is human and does what other humans do. Laye uyadhla iskafumnandi. Akusuwe wedwa odhlayo Ndoda.

      • Mabhuqa

        Mina ngiyazi ukuthi umfazi wenziwani fanakithi. Umbuzo wukuthi istabane esinguWeaknell sifunani emfazini. For display purposes?

        • Zwambile

          KKKKKK I was just starting trouble Mfo. KKKKKK

        • KKKK

          Laye ufunukupolisa isikuni.

        • Dunderhead

          Wake wakushela yini uWicknell, uqinisa ikhanda nje?

          • Mabhuqa

            Wena zonke leztabane ezigcwele everywhere zike zakushela yini ukuze wazi ukuthi yiztabane. Wenza angathi uyisiphukuphuku nje.

          • Dunderhead

            Yiziphi lezo zitabane othi zigcwele yonke indawo mina engingakaze ngizibone, njalo uzibona njani WENA. EZimbabwe ngazi uCanaan Banana (the late) wagwetshwa, eSA uSomizi uyazivumela ku Media kuthi phesheya uElton Jones ngokufanayo.

          • Mabhuqa

            I am done with this nonsense.

  • Mbla

    With that Big stomach i feel pity for the wife

    • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

      Don’t feel pity for the wife, women who marry such men are strategists, sexually she’ll be covered by her side boyfriend. Emotionally, she has what she calls her best friend, this is a male who doubles up as a friend and sexual partner.

      • Zwambile

        How do you know that he won’t be covering yours?

  • mzwangendaba

    Manje pho usazakwanisa ukuDonator kuBosso kumbe umfazi uzathi kafuni bumbulu???

  • God of War

    This is not news for a “serious” newspaper like this. Maybe it would have been better if it had appeared on Bmetro. Chivayo is nothing under the sun to be accorded all this space.

  • Jofa

    Since your post cannot be answered for what ever reason Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela How do you know this? Does it apply to you or are you a side boyfriend covering some else’s wife?

    • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

      Haha, will leave the rest to your imagination. My posts can be answered, it’s just that you’re too afraid to answer them only.


    is this worthy writing on this paper…cant see anything special about someone who has just married..marriage was always there even our grandfathers married so wats so special about publicizing this

  • Salapiah

    The question that will remain unanswered is: How will Sir Weakling Sivhayo satisfy this good-looking angel with his pathetic teeny-weeny gun?

    • KKKK

      Unless you know he has a “floppy disc” you are only jealous. For your imformation looks does not mean one cannot have a “Scud Missile”. She looks very happy to me.

    • Zwambile

      Kanti Ndoda you do know that when we go to the loo the unwritten rules is look straight to where you are firing (urinating) . How then did you see the mans gun? You are a very sick man KKKKKKKK

      • KKKK

        He should change his name to “Talaza”. kkkkkkkk

  • chrogic

    Sir wik wat wat kanti where do these people get the money from hmmmm fishy!shady!dodgy! sir bani bani my foot!! Ngiyazibuzela nje bakithi