Woman up for infecting husband with HIV

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Sylvester Chiramba, Court Reporter
A 28-YEAR-OLD woman from Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly infecting her ex-husband with HIV and stealing his medical cards.

The woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons allegedly had unprotected sexual intercourse with her then husband in January last year knowing that she was HIV positive.

She allegedly went on to steal his medical cards on March 5 this year so he could not access medical treatment.

The woman was not asked to plead when she appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube yesterday facing two charges of deliberate transmission of HIV and theft.

Mr Ncube remanded her in custody to April 3.

However, the woman told the court that her ex-husband was aware of her status.

Prosecuting, Mrs Memory Ndlovu said sometime in January last year the complainant met the accused and the two fell in love.

“Sometime during the same month the two started to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse as husband and wife but the complainant did not know that the accused person was on HIV treatment,” said Mr Ndlovu

“The husband then fell sick in November last year and his wife accompanied him to the clinic. The husband discovered upon interviews done by clinic staff that his wife was HIV positive and was coming regularly for treatment at that clinic. He was tested and results showed that he was HIV positive. The two continued to live together as husband and wife.”

Mrs Ndlovu told the court that on March 5 this year the woman stole her husband’s medical cards with the intention of depriving him of his health care and the cards have not been recovered.

The theft angered her husband who reported her to the police.


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  • Observer Mission

    What a weak case.I think the man needs more care and love than court appearances! So what caused him to report is the issue of medical aid cards,not so called HIV infection! The man continued to stay with the lady after testing positive.

  • scrutiniser

    Has it been proven that the man was HIV negative before intercourse? If he wanted to be smart why did he not insist on testing before the sexual relationship, it means he was willing to take the risk so why complain?? Uhlangana lomuntu lamuhla ulale laye lamuhla ubususithi uzaba safe? Yintwenjani le ??

  • Daar

    Hawu…they met in January last year and got married same month because reporter says they had intercourse as husband and wife same month. kumbe ngeqiwe yisilungu..kwazibani

    • Bulelani Ncube

      sewuya sangana ngempela wena mpatha

      • Daar

        Bulelani…uswele okukudlalela i c.singajayelani

  • Tabz

    Some stories are not worth reporting cause they dont make sense

  • Wikinerri

    Willful transmission of HIV warranty a maximum jail term of 20 years

  • God of War

    What’s the definition of a marriage cz this looks like they were playing games of just staying together. Meet a person in January and the next day you say we are staying as husband and wife. This woman must have been a prostitute.

  • bhinikwa

    This reporter needs to report this case and story a clear manner. But whatever it is, it appears both partners took risks & paid the price. The lady also took a risks of further infecting herself even though was was going thru treatment, as for the man, it was just pure risk & he got nabbed by a woman out to infect others. Its a repeat warning to others, don’t depend on looks (visual diagnosis) or sweet voice. Im also surprised the man got sick too quickly….within a year he was suffering from HIV infections, l doubt he was very healthy himself, possibly he was infected himself only to discover she too was infected, otherwise why accuse someone of deliberate infection when you yourself took a plunge in the deep sweet hole without testing waters. Sad to see such recklessness.