Comics ready for “Heroes of the ballot” comedy show Ntando Van Moyo

Mbulelo Mpofu,mbulelo.smpofu

ON August 23, the nation will cast its ballot in the 2023 harmonised elections and if history has taught us anything about elections, is that there might be some rouge elements hell-bent on causing chaos, before, during, and after the casting of ballots in defiance of the President’s call for peace and calm.

Such a background has led to comedy merchants, Umahlekisa Entertainment to use its voice to champion peace as they stage a show as a rallying cry for peace on Heroes Day.

The show dubbed, “Heroes of the ballot” to be held at Hope Centre in Bulawayo will usher patrons to the Heroes holidays as well as the election mood.

In alignment with the Second Republic’s philosophy, the show will leave no rib uncracked.

Umahlekisa Entertainment director Ntando van Moyo noted the importance of creatives using their influential voice positively.

“It’s very critical for creatives to use their voices positively because they can easily convey messages that will be effective and have a lasting impact.

“It’s important not to just entertain, but also be involved in national issues.

Our show is on Heroes Day and we want to use humour to celebrate that as well as a build-up to Election Day. We want to encourage people to be heroes in their voting by being peaceful while exercising their vote,” he said.

In the same vein, Moyo articulated how the prevalence of peace during this period is.

“Peaceful elections are part of what the heroes of this country died for. What people will hear are jokes that promote peace and mock violence. As humour specialists, we believe in being champions of non-confrontational engagement and promoting peace and tolerance.”

The show will put Moyo himself, Doc Vikela, Ckanyiso Dat Guy, Zwe, and Mbongeni Ignatius to the test.

“We chose them (stand-up comedians) for diversity as well as the fact that they are the foremost stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe right now who can push the peace narrative,” he said.

It has been noted that sometimes, those in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), are found wanting when it comes to issues of peddling violence through song lyrics, theatrical sketches as well as out-of-tune jokes, something that Moyo vehemently abhorred. – @MbuleloMpofu

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