Unforgettable April celebrations: DJ Mzoe’s Shellings bring families together in Bulawayo

Sipepisiwe Moyo, [email protected]

This April, the birthday celebrations known as shellings, now a customary affair during holidays, hosted by DJ Mzoe, took centre stage at 747 Airport Road in Bulawayo.

It was a time for all those born in April to come together as one big family and celebrate their birthdays collectively.

DJ Mzoe ensured that this year’s festivities kicked off in grand style, offering a plethora of activities at affordable rates for the kids. From quad bikes to jumping castles and trampolines, there was no shortage of fun-filled entertainment, exclusively tailored for the young ones.

With a significantly increased turnout compared to previous years, it is evident that the concept of this event is gaining traction. While the focus was on celebrating April babies, children born earlier in the year, who missed out on their own birthday celebrations, were warmly welcomed to join in the festivities alongside their April-born counterparts.

Children who presented their birth certificates were delighted to receive their birthday gifts on the spot, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the event. The music kept everyone in high spirits throughout the celebration, with attendees thoroughly enjoying every moment.

“This year, we’ve seen a tremendous response, with more people embracing the concept behind this unified celebration. The support and enthusiasm from everyone have been overwhelming, and they’re eager to see these celebrations continue indefinitely,” DJ Mzoe said.

“While initially planned as a one-day event, this year’s festivities extended over four days due to popular demand. We concluded the event yesterday with a memorable finale – a DJ battle featuring kids on the decks. This was a first for our Easter Shellings carnival,” he remarked.






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