Nurses get $5 000 windfall. . . Panic & joy at unannounced payments

Dr Gerald Gwinji

Dr Gerald Gwinji

Thandeka Moyo, Health Reporter
NURSES on Monday received lump sum payments of up to $5 000 from Government as payment of outstanding allowances.

In a survey conducted by The Chronicle yesterday, nurses said they were shocked to get between $500 to about $5 200 in their bank accounts on Monday without any formal communication.  The windfall sent a majority of them into panic mode.

“Do not use the money before getting clarification. It might be a mistake. The moment the Ministry (of Health and Child Care) realises the error, you may be garnished and go up to next year without getting paid,” warned a nurse in a WhatsApp chat group.

Speculation was thrown around with the major source of confusion being the huge differences in the amounts individual nurses received.

However, Ministry of Health and Child Care permanent secretary Retired Major General Dr Gerald Gwinji yesterday allayed the fears saying the payments were in order.

He said nurses should not be afraid to spend the money as it was what the Government owed them.

“The amounts reflected in some of our nurses’ personal accounts are not at all out of order. A lot of our nurses were wrongly assimilated when Government rationalised the Civil Service between 2008 and 2009,” said Dr Gwinji.

“Most were placed in grades below where they should have been resulting in their being prejudiced of the correct level of remuneration including allowances like housing and transport from 2010 until early this year. So cumulatively they were owed money by Government.”

Dr Gwinji said nurses who retired or resigned recently after having served during the period, were likely to get the money as well.

“It’s only technically sound to address the issue of retired nurses who were working during the period and Government may pay them as well.

“With the finalisation of this corrective exercise SSB has begun a phased approach to pay off these accumulated shortfalls, for some running into several thousand dollars given the time under prejudice. Recipients should therefore not be afraid to utilise their earnings. However if anyone is in doubt they can always approach our Human Resources Departments to get the necessary assurances,” said Dr Gwinji.

An official at a hospital said nurses working in the rural areas got significantly more than their urban based counterparts mainly due to their on-call allowances

Chronicle caught up with some of the nurses who said they were reluctant to use the money as there was no circular explaining the windfall.

“I got $5 200 in my account and I am not sure where it came from. We just decided to first wait because this was unexpected,” said one of the nurses.

“We did receive different amounts of money and we are not yet sure what criterion was used. Some of my juniors received more money compared to what I got and we hope to get clarity from the Health Services Board,” said another one who spoke on condition of anonymity.


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  • Zi

    Elections and trying to cover up for the earlier firing of nurses blunder.

    • dabulikethe

      Teachers should also expect windfall as well since they were also not given their allowances as well.

      • zibulo

        all civil servants should go on strike , who is more important than other workers/civil servants ? and they must demand the same . where is the Publis Service Unions to fight for all to get the same.

    • Mfundo Nxele

      nothing wrong with that. that’s what politics is all about.

  • Willy

    My wife is a nurse, my mother is a nurse, my aunt is a nurse and my older sister is a nurse equals $20.450 in total asomali leyi.

    • Sharon Ndlovu

      Nurses have always been known to be promiscuous, so what are you saying about yourself in relation to the man you’re calling your Dad and your sister, mom and aunt.

      • Willy

        If wena uyisifebe ungabohamba uthi wonke Ubuntu is like you. Don’t parade your unbecoming character here otherwise people will see what fertile minded person you are. You think everything is about ubufebe just because wena you failed at school and resorted to being the last of night sucabanga ukuthi everyone is like you. Idiot. Wena did you ask your mother who your real dad is? If you didn’t know ngokunye lakho okulixhegu okungela mazinyo yet the man you call your dad is not even your father. Grow up and stop being shallow minded you illegitimate useless thing. If abakini bengafundanga yekela sidle imali yethu wena ungunkwamba.

      • Imnandi iphakathi

        Dunusa phela silbethele!

        Ke batla ma rago. Ke rata nyoana ya gago moratiwa. O reng?

  • Seles

    So going on strike is a language which the Government understands?

  • the observer

    yeah , cry lack of intelligence , this is what happens when you put brainless soilders in charge , now let us sit back and see the storm that you imbeciles have just brewed up , prices , rentals all sky rocketing, sad when basic common sense is deficient .


      They don’t care about inflation, as long as they win elections!

  • d


    • zibulo

      yet the misery you see outside will always be there !!!. you are like someone who an be trapped with “delicious”food, like Esau, food good for now but in the long run, killing you real self !!!! a shame to your children and grand children you will be coz you are like isifebe, esihlekelela noma ngubani who flashes money, even ill-gotten

      • Nkosiyabo Fayayo

        Kuzolunga mfowethu. Let’s vote ED and see how it pans out. He seems to be very serious about effectively tackling economic challenges.


          He has not answered for Gukurahundi yet. I guess wena you lost no relative!

        • zibulo

          first he tackled yours and my relatives 20 000 of them. with the same guys who are his vices and ministers, was there at the plundering of the country from day one, namhlanje wena uthi he seems “serious”. wena are you SERIOUS ??

    • Innoe Zoe

      you are a fool

      • Sabza

        Nope, you are the fool. let d freely express his electoral choice.

  • musa

    i’m reluctantly typing this, but anyway bravo to the zany pf gvt. but why do it in an election season?

    • Thandiwe

      When do you want it done, musa?

  • zibulo

    suddenly , there is money to splash !! Like we did here in Mat’land when Mgabe came with ‘food parcels” thathani lidle , but VOTE WISELY !!!.

    • Nokuthula Mpala (Ms)

      Yep, vote wisely. ED and Cde Tshinga Dube have my vote!!

      • simpon

        Nelson has my vote, as he is the only one who will bring the real, desirable, change we need. Zanu cannot change. Same bus new driver does not work.

      • zibulo

        looks like you voting for perpetuality of what you see happening in the country, just coz you seen some money you behave like a lady of the night……….

  • Maji

    Can you for once stop publicizing people’s salaries on media. this causes the sky rocketing of prices

    • Nomaqhawe

      Mind you this is not Jalalpur Pirwala in Pakistan where prices sky rocket in response to newspaper stories, sorry!!

      • Major Musango

        @Maji, I don’t think you live in Zimbabwe.

  • Maji

    can the rest of the civil servants get this pleasant unannounced payments too!

    • Sharon

      Is that a declaration or it’s a wish!!

  • Nkunzebomvu

    We are beginning to share the $20 Billion

  • yimi

    That 15 billion is coming back bit by bit…it is the 24 million sent by our coloniser Britain who are back in full force…They have already rigged the 2018 elections in favor of the Junta

  • Wellington

    Where has this money come from considering this govt is stone broke; wouldnt it have been better to staggerr the payments not this one off thing which will certainly shake the fragile economy. Unless its the missing 15billion


      It’s about elections. So staggering payments would not achieve the objective of supporting ED!

    • Violet Mhlanga

      I don’t believe the bigger part of this post.


    Buying nurses so they forget about the rough military style treatment of bieng fired so they can vote ED. People should not be gullible!

  • Sithabile Moyo

    This is clearly vote buying , Junta thinks nurses can easily be fooled, take the money but they should vote wisely , 5000 is not much considering prices are skyrocketing and accessing all of it cash upfront is highly impossible. At least it will cover debts and patch here and there ie school fees, etc How about other civil servants as well?

    • World Citizen

      Why would you want to access 5000 cash? are you a drug dealer? You guys are the problem. If everyone takes money out of the system as cash where do you expect the cash to come from? Money doesnt grow on trees.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    This regime thinks nurses are foolish,,,,,,its too late .They should be voted OUT.

    • Shylet

      I pity those who wasted their monies on you!!

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Udakiwe nja

        • Shylet

          The money sacrificed for your school fees and upbringing should have been spent on Juke Box in Beer Halls, Cigarettes,Betting, Gambling, Beer and Prostitutes.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Konje ungumntwana wesifebe , bloody zanu stooge.

          • Shylet

            Ubusuku obadlaliswayo!!

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Msunukanyoko swina-ndini

          • Shylet

            Had they known that they would have a useless empty minded moron like you, I’m sure they would have used protection on that disgraceful cursed night.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Mdidi kanyoko

          • Shylet

            Ubusuku obadlaliswayo, ngalobuyana busuku kwakumele uNyoko alunyomule uyihlo achamele phakathi kwengubo, kungazalwa “Umahlombe wohlanya” onjengawe so wena mntanekhikhitha.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Good and fuck your mum

          • Shylet

            Lisiko lakini lelo, why should I follow such a perverse culture ??In your culture, wena you do your mom, whilst your Dad does your sisters!!

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Votserk swina-ndini, uyazini ngesiko wena. Dlana amagundwane and leak Grace’s .You are a wasted sperm.

          • Vusumuzi Dube

            Police really hate defense attorneys don’t they?

          • Shylet

            Unyoko uhleli ibheya njengoba ngikhuluma nje kathesi, it’s what she does in Beer Halls to attract clients to her prostitution services. Go ahead remind her ukuthi ahlale kuhle, tell her ayisikho ebhawa lana, kusendlini.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Msunukanyoko. Mntwanesfebe.

          • Shylet

            Unyoko is servicing one of her clients in one of the rooms in your home, Ungathini loyo baba, enguye othenga isinkwa nsuku zonke, ngakini. Plus ma eseqedile utshiya ethengele uyihlo i Calabash + 10 Madison.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Unyoko uhambe khwelwa njengenja edabulile, kungakho ungazi uyihlo .ucabanga ukuthi ukuthi ukubhala ngesiNdebele kukwenza uMthwakazi- ulidedede wena. Iswina.

  • Roscoe

    yhoo…it has come to this…

  • Lindiswe Sylvia

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  • Major Musango

    There is a lot of this money which is going to be unaccounted for with these discrepancies.

    anyway where did our government get this money from?

  • 2 clowns again !!

    More virtual worthless “money” cooked up by chinamasa and mangudya adding fake rtgs amounts into bank accounts !!!! welcome back to Pre 2008 days very soon !!!