Robbers shoot money changer

ROBBERSPamela Shumba Senior Reporter—
AN illegal money changer – popularly known as Usiphatheleni – yesterday cheated death when a suspected armed robber shot him twice on the arm at a Bulawayo hotel while his accomplice got away with R30,000 and $600. His daughter, suspected to be about three-years-old and whom he was carrying during the transaction, was left splattered with blood.

Sources told The Chronicle the robbers allegedly invited Simbarashe Nyakutera, 28, to their room, saying they wanted to buy some South African rand at around 4PM. Mpumelelo Moyo and his unknown accomplice allegedly saw that Nyakutera had a bag full of money as he counted it and decided to rob him at gunpoint.

The two allegedly ordered Nyakutera to lie on the floor and took away his money. Moyo allegedly shot Nyakutera at point blank range when he tried to grab his bag and the gunshots attracted the attention of scores of people outside the hotel.

Moyo was caught while his partner in crime fled. Members of the public meted out instant justice on him and he had the police to thank after they arrested him, rescuing him from the clutches of the angry mob.

A bloodied and semi-conscious Nyakutera was rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH). A vendor, who witnessed members of the public beating Moyo up, said it was a miracle that he was still alive. “They mercilessly pummelled him while others used an assortment of weapons to viciously rain blows on him,” said the vendor who declined to be named.

The vendor said some people grabbed metal stands used to display newspaper banners and whacked Moyo in the face while others hit him with stones.

“It was a scary free for all and it’s a miracle he survived. The police arrived swiftly and cuffed him. He looked dead but the crowd shouted that he was playing possum,” said the vendor.

The angry mob followed as police officers escorted Moyo to the Central Police Station, demanding that he be released to them. Officials at the hotel said the two suspects had been staying at the hotel for three days. “The two booked a room here three days ago. We had no idea what they were up to and we were shocked to hear gun shots upstairs.

“Fortunately there were police officers nearby. They immediately disarmed them and managed to arrest one,” said a worker who asked not to be named. Lawrence Sibanda, a forex dealer, said Moyo and his accomplice could have been monitoring Nyakutera and knew that he had a lot of money.

“I think they had been watching him from a distance and when they realised that he had a lot of money, they called him to their room. Nyakutera didn’t suspect anything and quickly went there. He was carrying his toddler in his arms.

“In less than 20 minutes we heard gunshots and Nyakutera screamed for help. When we looked up the balcony he was bleeding from the arm. Alert police officers rushed to the scene. They apprehended one of the criminals – albeit after he got a sound beating from the crowd,” said Sibanda.

Moyo was taken to hospital under police guard. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said: “I can confirm that we arrested one of the suspected armed robbers who is assisting police with investigations.”

When The Chronicle arrived at the hotel at about 4.30PM, blood was still dripping from one of the hotel’s balconies on the first floor to the ground. Nyakutera’s daughter kept saying: “Bamdubulile ubaba (they shot my dad.)”

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  • Jabu

    These exMzansi criminals are becoming a headache! They need to be weeded out and disciplined! Moyo’s are well known to be criminals and thugs!

    • vusumuzi

      shallow shallow shallow!!!!!. LeMzansi maybe awuyazi uyizwa ngendaba nje!!. What do you say about lowo okubusayo owathumela the country’s soldiers to go and rip open wombs of Ndebele women and killed , in the process , 20000 Zimbabweans. If you kept quiete , bekungcono. Even what you do , accssing the Moyos is a sin and criminal. Lawe u have your own known and unknown sins and crimes

      • Orenthawl James

        Mfowethu, you seem to like the Genocide issue, why always mention it. To some of us who lost relatives and are directly affected this is a painful chapter we want to forget. Some of you who heard about those incidences and are quick to bring it up to remind us of the pain.

        Please don’t play with such serious issues, don’t cause us unnecessary pain.!!

        Kangisoze ngidlalise amazwi ami insulting you, all I’m asking is that be a normal human being and be sensitive to the pain of others.

        • Bambanani

          Unfortunately even if we pretend to forget all about Gukurahundi, bad memories of watching soldiers butchering our folks will always haunt us.

          Until Mugabe aknowledges and unconditionally apologise, the pain will remain with us. I personally wont forget. Not with this fracture that I was left with.

          • qili

            someone’s gran dad who was above 100 years at the time and suffering from dementia was shot dead by the gugurahundi

          • Orenthawl James

            That’s hearsay, what evidence do you have of such???

            Yo Why reduce yo’self ta a complete foo’ by uttering empty mad mad stupid comments based on empty hearsays!! Jus’ like Orenthawl James.

          • Doctor Do little

            I think that this fake Jabu is out of line when he says Moyo’s are well known to be criminals and thugs. A very silly statement when you think of the African totem set up there are criminals in every group with most names whether they be Nambia Tonga Shona Ndebele or what ever. It is just as is Chasuru statement who is obviously Tonde. The best way to deal with this as the regulator wont do anything is to not reply these idiotic commentators. The Moyo’s that I know are the pillars of society but in his silly world if someone say’s he is a Moyo arrest them.

          • THE Moyo

            Thank you Doctor

          • Whyisvm

            Jabu/ Tonde must stick to mbeva & Kwayedza , ( expletive) lo thuvi .

          • Tonde

            Guys you give me too much credit! not every comment about the South and its inhabitants are attributed to me! Thanks for the compliment though.

          • Mitchel Jambo

            Let the Khumalo’s and the rest of the Southerners first apologise for the brutal murders perpetuated by their grandfathers when they came here and for Entumbane!

          • Zuze

            Ask Lobenghula to apologise. When Mugabe is gone we won’t ask Chatunga to apologize. He done nothing unless of course you know a Khumalo that was there.

    • Whyisvm

      Go fcuk yourself please , will you ?

  • Suppoter

    caught in the act of criminal activities, stop using illegal means of exchanging money kuyokusiza lokho

    • khulu

      I once lost Us $100 to illegal money changers

  • uxoxo

    get well soon simba..

    • blarazonke

      Next time Simba will not move around streets with R30 000 in a bag and at the same time carrying a toddler in his arms. It could have been worse, thank God.

      • khulu undubeko

        the three year old might suffer from night mares because she witnessed this horrible incident

        • blarazonke

          Imagine how traumatised she is? And everyone kept her at scene till she gave an “interview ” to journos after her father had been ferried to hospital!!! They must have done better…

  • Orenthawl James

    Thanks to the public and the police for acting swiftly in apprehending the armed robber.

  • Chasura

    we should eliminate these ROWDY elements in our society the Ndebele Criminals. Get well soon Simba

    • vusumuzi

      and what do you call illegal money chagers ?

    • Mkhusto

      Esenzani laye ngemali engaka. Ulibhanga na

    • theza

      you are not a saint

    • Samson The Lion Slayer

      People with this mentallity are clearly the problem in Africa. You say no to racism but advocate for something equally stupid like tribalism.

  • vusumuzi

    all are criminals . Its illegal to change money . Is the money changer going to come out Discharge yet he was illegally changing money ? All are criminals. How does the public screen who is a criminal and who is not??

    • Ike

      You are just a moron with pea sized brains ie if you have got it. Shut up with hollow comment.

    • qili

      Bakithi lapho okula marands kulegazi, alibonanga indizamtshina eyafika ithwele amarands ithwele lesidumbu, lokhu kusitshengisa ukuthi amarands kadlalelwa, bangakuklinya kumbe bakudubule

  • zaburoni

    what is that photo telling us?????

    • blarazonke

      I think the one with a bloodied hand is the money changer and the insert is a photo of the robber who got clobbered by the crowd. I could be wrong, but there was need for a caption of some sort to avoid any doubts as you have.

  • theza

    Money changers were there even during the times of Jesus Christ, at one time he drove them out of the temple

    • Suppoter


      • theza

        meaning they are there to stay, we cant just do away with them

        • Suppoter


          • Orenthawl James

            You couldn’t comprehend that all this long, hmmmmm.
            Your intelligence leaves a lot to be desired!!

          • Suppoter

            What are talking about???

    • Orenthawl James

      Besides, at least they are making an honest living rather than being burglars..

  • case

    all the players are idiots…robbers learnt that crime does not pay but the biggest idiot is the money changer, you know that dealing with money is a very risky business just like dealing in Gold or other precious metals and you take a toddler….that’s why banks hire security companies to transfer money on a daily basis regardless of whatever amount is being moved. I would have slept and kicked the money changer.

    • fs

      Are you saying we should all be armed? coz at one moment or several moments we all carry money whatever amount. Fate doesn’t apply for it to come to you, these things happen everyday, a robber can even point a gun at you even if you have 10c with you, nokia 5110, all they want is peoples blood and reaping where they did not sow cz they are satanic. I feel sorry for the guy who was making a living……

      • case

        if you equate this guy to a man who takes his family to buy groceries then you are dumb to a point beyond imagination. His trade in nature is dangerous and requires that he runs it far away from his family because of its inherent dangers. Fate or no fate, you can’t take a toddler to such transactions.

  • cass cass

    i don’t see the essence and relevance of connecting the Gukuraundi to this story,,,#misdirected anger and criticism which is somehow dogmatic and nonsensical

  • mtshayisa

    Sorry for the traumatized child. Ungaphola umtshiye lonina kumbe ogogo kumbe udinge ongakukhangelela wenaa usebenza ngoba ulokungcola umsebenzi wakho wena ndoda