Mixed feelings on nightclubs refusal to temporarily close

21 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Mixed feelings on nightclubs refusal to temporarily close

The Chronicle

Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

Following the ban of gatherings of more than 100 people by Government this week to try and protect citizens against the coronavirus, a series of shows were cancelled/postponed with nightclubs saying they will continue operating, but limiting the number of patrons to 100. 

The decision of nightclubs/leisure spots to continue operating drew mixed feelings with some saying it will put people at risk of contracting the virus while others simply welcomed the decision saying it is necessary to socialise despite the Covid-19 threat.

Saturday Leisure crew spoke to various merrymakers to establish how they felt about the ban.

Most revellers said despite the coronavirus threat, they need time to relax over a few beers after a hard day’s work or during the weekends.

“It’s a good thing that the clubs are not closing down because we need to have some sort of entertainment during this stressful time. I’m an outgoing person and it’d be a major let down if the clubs are closed,” said Terrence Moyo.

On the risk of contracting the virus while clubbing, Moyo said: “Obviously, I’m scared to get coronavirus, but the clubs have adopted methods to counter the spread of the virus. In fact, what I wish is to be among the 100 people at my favourite spot each day I decide to drink.” 

From most interviews, it was clear revellers do not want to be among those turned away as a result of the 100 people limit.

Some bemoaned the cancellation of events in the city saying it is going to be a long two months without entertainment. 

“It’s a huge blow that events are being cancelled as I was looking forward to the Judgement Yard show. But, I’ll have to look for other things to do.  I’ll have to find a spot where it’s less crowded to protect myself,” said one music lover who only identified himself as George from Suburbs.

He said like everybody, he was scared of coronavirus despite the fact that the country is yet to record a confirmed case.

There were, however, other imbibers who said they would self-quarantine and have their drinks at home. 

“If I can’t go to my favourite spot, I have to bring the pleasure home. This virus has disturbed people’s businesses so I’ll be forced to buy my alcohol and meat and then have a good time at home hopefully. 

“It’s never really fun at home as the fun is in numbers at the bar,” said Mr Thabani Khumalo from Montrose suburb.

He said people should take seriously the measures announced by Government and health authorities meant to curb the spread of the virus.

Terrence Ncube from Selborne Park concurred with Mr Khumalo saying he will stay at home until the coronavirus is taken care of.

“It’s no longer about having fun at this moment. My life is at stake and the coronavirus should be stopped before it gets to the country. I feel sorry for the businesses that are affected but our lives come first,” he said.

The neihgbouring South Africa which has confirmed 150 cases of the virus has banned all night activities and put a 6PM curfew on the purchase of alcohol. – @waynecas

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