Toronto FC Challenge Chicken Inn in a Dogfight for tittle.   Toronto FC

  Welldone Ndlovu, Online reporter       

THE race for promotion in the Southern Region Division 2 is heating up as Toronto FC and Chicken Inn close the gap on log leaders Zebra Revolution . Khami United dealt a huge blow to the leaders’ title hopes, handing them a 3 nil defeat at Khami Prison yesterday, thereby throwing the race wide open. Pumula East side Toronto FC put on a stunning display of football, running riot against Bulawayo Chiefs in a 4-0 victory away at Chiefs Village yesterday .

Toronto FC captain Jortham Ndlovu has spoken about his personal desire to see the team promoted, and the sense of responsibility he feels to the club.

Ndlovu was part of the team that was relegated from the first division in 2019 and he sees promotion as a way to make amends.

“Everytime I enter the pitch I feel like I have to take back the team  to the first division because the last time we got relegated I was part of the team so I feel like I owe the team a lot, ” he said.

Ndlovu emphasised the importance of taking each game as it comes, without allowing the pressure of the promotion race to get to the team.

With three games left for the season to end , Toronto FC are now level with Chicken Inn who have slipped up in recent weeks, there are sitting in position two with 59 points while log leaders Zebra Revolution top the standings with 61 points. Chicken Inn won 2-1 against Black Boots at their home ground, Desert Stadium

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