Dad begs to have ‘thief’ son jailed

Jail term

Melody Baya, Court Reporter
A BULAWAYO man yesterday pleaded with a magistrate to jail his 19-year-old son for allegedly stealing his property worth R20, 000.

Peter Ncube, 54, of Pumula North told Western Commonage Magistrate Abednico Ndebele that he would rather see his son, Andrew Ncube, behind bars because of his habit of stealing from home.

Andrew is facing two charges of unlawful entry and unreasonable disposal of property.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to today.

“I’ve had enough with this boy. I would rather you jail him. He has stolen a lot of property from me and he has done that several times. And for a long time he has gotten away with it. He has to be taught a lesson so please send him to prison,” said Ncube.

“I gave him money to go and register for his Ordinary Level exams last year and he probably spent it all. He acts all innocent but he is not and he is a very good liar. I don’t want to ever see him again in my house or anywhere near me,” he said.

Andrew, a former student at Amhlophe High School, said his father was just exaggerating the matter because he never committed some of the stated offences.

“I do agree that I committed some of the crimes they say I did but some of them I did not. I registered for my Ordinary Levels and I wrote a few subjects. So I’m hoping to supplement some of these because I know I failed because when I wrote the exams I wasn’t fully prepared,” said Andrew.

Prosecuting, Mitchell Chiboiwa, told the court that sometime in January 2014, Ncube went to South Africa and left Andrew together with a maid at his residence.

“The complainant locked his bedroom door upon his departure. The accused then used an unknown object to break the door and gain entry,” said Chiboiwa.

“When he gained entry into the complainant’s bedroom he stole one bucket with computer cables, one bucket with door locks, one bucket with water taps, one bucket with radio cables, copper electric cables, and a storage bin all valued at R20,000 which he sold.”

He said property valued at R1, 000 was recovered.

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